Residency Director's Welcome

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Welcome to the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Pediatric Residency Program! We are very proud of our program, and we are grateful to have the opportunity to share it with you. Johns Hopkins All Children's Pediatric Residency Program welcomed its first class of residents in July 2014. As a program committed to growth and innovation, we value and seek diversity, curiosity and a healthy growth mindset. We are committed to graduating outstanding competent clinicians of today and the compassionate agile clinician leaders of tomorrow.

Our pediatric residency program focuses on balancing education and clinical service, incorporating modern teaching principles and introducing innovative content that remains fluid and responsive to the changing educational landscape. There is dedicated non-clinical time to accelerate career and professional development through our unique LEAD the PACC™ program. We prioritize creating learning and clinical experiences for each trainee based on competency requirements and individualized learning plans. Our residents design their individualized experiences, and seek opportunities to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes that will foster success during training and beyond.

One of our guiding mantras for our approach to clinical care is based upon the words of the wise William Osler, “The good physician treats the disease. The great physician treats the patient who has the disease.” From as early as intern orientation, we emphasize the importance of asking “Why this patient? Why now?” This simple yet profound concept instills the importance of understanding the whole child and family/social unit. It keeps biopsychosocial influences and social determinants of health at the forefront of assessment and management. As we train the next generation of leaders to lead with intent, purpose and compassion, we prioritize integration of these vital concepts in clinical decision-making.

Each of you has a unique story and path that has led to this juncture. Our mission is to support your story and guide you along your next chapter. We aspire to continue to create a meaningful learning environment that connects you to inspirational faculty and peers, provides opportunities to think and reflect and supports a stimulating and appreciative environment.

Thank you for considering our program for the next chapter in your journey!

Mary Beth Wroblewski, MD
Johns Hopkins All Children’s Pediatric Residency Program Director