Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital Academics

It's part of our mission to advance clinical education and research to create sustained improvements in health care outcomes.

Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital is committed to providing the most advanced education to all of our audiences including practicing physicians, medical students, residents, fellows, patients, families and clinical and allied health professionals. We continue to develop and implement educational programs that will enhance the continued competencies of clinical and non-clinical staff with a focus on advanced education and relevant professional certifications. We train physicians for the way medicine will be practiced in the future.

As part of our mission, we provide patients and health care professionals with access to innovative research opportunities to advance the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of pediatric onset diseases and their adverse outcomes. We are devoted to increasing the involvement in research through education, mentoring and support of frontline staff through all levels of the organization to drive evidence-based practice.

  • Research

    Personalized pediatric medicine is our goal. It’s our mission to improve the health of children by providing patients and health care professionals with access to innovative research opportunities.

    Image of a researcher using a pipette
  • Education

    Leadership in child health through education is central to our mission. We believe expert care begins with education, and we are dedicated to providing high-quality education to a variety of audiences.

    A group of nurses running a scenario in the simulation lab