Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship Services

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital’s anesthesiologists work closely with surgeons, radiologists, and other departments’ physicians to provide a wide range of services. More than 12,000 anesthesia cases (from simple outpatient procedures to complex and long surgeries) are performed every year by our team of expert pediatric anesthesiologists.

General Anesthesiology 

Johns Hopkins All Children’s has become one of the top referral pediatric centers for most of the medical and surgical conditions of children and has grown as a major children’s hospital in the west coast region of Florida. The hospital has attracted many well-known surgeons to perform several corrective procedures on neonates and infants affected by rare and complex congenital anomalies like congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH), esophageal atresia/fistula (EA/F) and tracheomalacia.

Johns Hopkins All Children’s serves a large community for common pediatric surgeries of all the specialties (urology, plastics, orthopaedics, ophthalmology, ENT, neurosurgery, dental and maxillary-face surgery), and outpatient procedures (gastroenterology, oncology, audiology, nephrology and physical therapy), and our pediatric anesthesiologists are involved in the fast and effective patient perioperative management.

The Department of Anesthesiology is also continuously engaged in providing services for out of the operating room procedures and tests requiring sedation or general anesthesia (MRI, nuclear medicine, CT scan, interventional radiology).

Our department is fully staffed with board certified pediatric anesthesiologists and skillful CRNAs (certified registered nurses of anesthesia).

Cardiovascular Anesthesiology

To learn more about our services in pediatric cardiac anesthesia, please visit their site here.

Pain Medicine

To learn more about our services in pediatric pain management, please visit their site here.

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