Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship, Academic Information

We have planned a didactic program that will enhance the learner’s pediatric anesthesiology knowledge to become a world expert in the field.

During the year-long fellowship, there will be a total of 50-plus fellow-level lectures. Each week will consist of one or two 60-minute lectures and this time will be protected from clinical duties.

Some of the lectures include: 

  • 8 orientation lectures
  • 10-15 special topic sessions including Seminar Series in Academia
  • 30-40 pediatric anesthesiology-specific board topics focused on preparing the learner for the specialty board exam.

Some of the lectures will incorporate advanced methodology of our innovative Simulation Center.

Fellows will be expected to lead and participate in journal clubs and mortality and morbidity conferences with faculty members, anesthesia residents and CRNAs.

Our department will offer also a series of basic science lectures by world-renowned professors, core research methodology lectures by epidemiology experts, and lectures on clinical informatics. Additionally, fellows can join lectures remotely at Johns Hopkins University and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore.

At the end of the program, fellows will have the opportunity to present their own lecture on a specialty topic to faculty members, peers, residents and guests.

Block Diagram

Anesthesia Fellowship block schedule

Notes: PICU — Pediatric Intensive Care Unit; NICU — Neonatal Intensive Care; CDH — Congenital diaphragmatic hernia; TTP — Transition to Practice. Each block is one month long. Site 1 is Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital.

The fellowship’s clinical curriculum consists of 48 weeks of clinical/research activity at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. There are four weeks of guaranteed vacation time.

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