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Eye Trauma Center

The Wilmer Eye Trauma Center operates in the Adult and Pediatric Emergency Departments of The Johns Hopkins Hospital. It is one of the highest volume eye trauma centers in the country and the only designated facility in the state of Maryland by the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services System (MIEMSS). In partnership with The Johns Hopkins Hospital and The Johns Hopkins Health System, we care for patients transferred from more than 100 different facilities in Maryland and the surrounding region.

Eye emergency services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Equipped with the latest medical technologies, specialized diagnostic services are immediately available, including MRI, CAT scans, ophthalmic photography, ophthalmic ultrasound and an ocular microbiology laboratory.

Directions to the Johns Hopkins Hospital

Conditions we Treat

  • Sports injuries
  • Chemical splashes
  • Traumatic cataract
  • Eyelid lacerations
  • Open globe
  • Orbital fractures
  • Contact lens ulcers
  • Fireworks injuries

Our Team


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