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COVID-19 Update

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We Are Now Open for Elective Surgeries and Procedures

As our communities begin to reopen, we are now offering select elective surgeries and procedures at our ambulatory surgery facilities in Maryland. We also continue to offer telemedicine visits and in-person visits as needed.

Message from Our Director Dr. Peter McDonnell


How We Make Sure You Are Safe

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, our doctors and care teams are taking extra precautions to make your visit as safe as possible.

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Testing and Screening

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Masks and Protective Equipment

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Social Distancing

Learn more about our COVID-19 safety precautions.


How to Schedule Your Appointment

Elective Procedures

If you've been already scheduled for a procedure that had to be postponed, we will reach out to reschedule. If this is a new procedure, please contact us at 410-955-5080 to schedule a consultation.
Learn more about preparing for your appointment.

Video Visits (Telemedicine)

Many new and existing Johns Hopkins patients have the option to have a video appointment (telemedicine) with their provider, depending on their healthcare need. If you don't have a device to use for a video visit, you and your provider may decide that a telephone call will meet your needs.
Learn more about video visits.
New Patients (not previously seen by the Wilmer Eye Institute)
Existing Wilmer Eye Institute Patients

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to Request a Telemedicine Appointment
    Patients with a MyChart account can participate in a live-video appointment, called a video visit. A video visit can be scheduled through MyChart or by calling 410-955-5933. If you are a new patient or need to set up a MyChart account, a member of our team can help guide you through the process over a phone call.
  • Preparing for Your Telemedicine Appointment

    Upon scheduling your appointment you will receive directions to prepare you for your video visit. Be sure to complete the following steps:

    1. Activate your MyChart account.
    2. In MyChart, add or update your medication list, preferred pharmacy and allergies.
    3. Download Polycom via MyChart.
    4. Upload any images of your eye you would like your doctor to review to mychart.
  • What to Expect Before Your Telemedicine Appointment

    Shortly before your appointment you will be contacted by a member of our team to ensure you are ready for your appointment by completing the following:

    • Activated your MyChart account.
    • In MyChart, you’ve updated your medication list, preferred pharmacy and allergies.
    • Downloaded Polycom via MyChart.

    We will also confirm your location and answer any questions you may have to prepare you for your appointment.


When To Contact Your Doctor During This Time

Wilmer Eye Institute has postponed routine eye appointments due the COVID-19 pandemic, however we encourage patients to contact their providers for guidance related to the following symptoms and conditions, which are eye conditions that should always be addressed right away:

  • macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy requiring regular eye injections
  • blurry, wavy or blank spots in your field of vision
  • new floaters or flashes in your vision
  • sudden loss of vision
  • eye pain, headache, red eye, nausea and vomiting

For persons who have had glaucoma surgery, contact your provider if you have any of the following symptoms: severe eye pain, major decrease in vision, sticky discharge.


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