SOM Faculty Notices of NonRenewal or Salary Reduction

These templates are provided to assist department directors and administrators in providing appropriate notice to faculty members of the nonrenewal of their faculty appointments, and/or of any proposed reduction in the portion of their salary that is subject to the Gold Book guarantee.  These forms should not be used for making changes to other elements of faculty compensation, such as additional or bonus compensation.

Prior to issuing a salary reduction or non-renewal letter, the department should contact the Office of Faculty to permit review of any issues of potential concern.  Consult with the Office of Faculty on any performance related issues before sending a nonrenewal letter,  Contact the Vice Dean for Faculty before sending a faculty member a letter proposing a salary reduction.

Select the correct template and note that a salary reduction approval must be sought for each reduction in salary sought by the department.  An approval by the ABMF for one requested reduction does not serve as an approval for departments to continue to reduce in future years. No salary reduction will be approved that reduces a faculty member's salary below the minimum salary required for compliance with federal and state laws. 

Consult section V.B of the Gold Book for guidance.  Remove all document headers and highlighted or bracketed instructions and placeholders from the final letter.  Consult the Office of General Counsel before making any changes to a template.

Templates are not to be used for faculty participating in the Senior Faculty Transition Program.

Rev:  4/25/2022