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Transition to the Wards

This course bridges the pre-clerkship curriculum with the clerkship curriculum that begins in late March of Year Two. The aim of this course is to provide knowledge and hands-on training to enable students to function competently and confidently in the hospital-based clerkships from day one. Topics include practical procedural skills; ethical, legal and professionalism issues in medicine; accessing and interpreting the medical literature; interacting with other health care providers; and basic EKG, radiology and ophthalmology skills.

Course Goals

By the end of this course, the students will be able to:

  • Interact appropriately and effectively with patients in the hospital setting as part of a team.
  • Face serious illness with competence, confidence and compassion.
  • Perform specific procedures safely and interpret findings competently.
  • Manage information and seek appropriate evidence sources to solve clinical problems.
  • Make well-reasoned, evidence-based and patient-centered diagnostic decisions.
  • Summarize, present and document clinical cases effectively.

Course Director

Photo of Dr. Gregory Paul Prokopowicz, M.D., M.P.H.

Prokopowicz, Gregory Paul, M.D., M.P.H.

Assistant Professor of Medicine
Director, Johns Hopkins Hypertension Center

Course Co-Director

Photo of Dr. Julianna Joan Jung, M.D.

Jung, Julianna Joan, M.D.

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
Director of Medical Student Education, Department of Emergency Medicine
Director, Basic and Advanced Clerkships in Emergency Medicine, JHU School of Medicine
Associate Director, Johns Hopkins Medicine Simulation Center

Time Commitment and Course Length

The course runs for three full weeks. The schedule for this course includes a number of activities, including simulations, procedure training, hospital-based precepting and small-group discussions. Students are generally working in college groupings and the actual schedule can vary.

Typical weekly schedule for Transition to Wards:

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8 AM Basic Life Support Medical Documentation   IV Theraph
(Classroom and Partial Task Traners)
Medicolegal Case Discussions in Small Group
9 AM
Chest Radiography
10 AM Professionalism Debates
Team-Based Learning Interpreting EKG
11 AM
12 PM          
1 PM Team Communications in Sim Center Library Resources in Learning Studio Acute Care Simulations in Sim Center Fundus Exam in Sim Center Interprofessional Shadowing with Hospital Staff
2 PM
3 PM Phlebotomy Training with Partial Task Traners     Hospital Precepted Clinical Skills
4 PM

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