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Associations and Extracurricular Activities


The diversity that is valued at Johns Hopkins is about much more than demographics. The School of Medicine highly encourages students to pursue their passions, whether personal, academic or community service-based. The school offers dozens of organized student groups where like-minded students can learn, serve or socialize together, and if you have an interest that is not currently represented, you can always start a new organization. Chances are you will find plenty of company.

Involvement at Johns Hopkins takes other forms as well. The School of Medicine counts on student input and involvement for just about every decision. Students regularly sit on important school-sanctioned committees and take part in official activities. The development of the Genes to Society curriculum and the design of the Armstrong Building are just two examples of recent transformational changes to the School of Medicine in which students had a voice. Not all opportunities for student involvement are quite so serious, however. Students sit on plenty of ad hoc committees, influencing school decisions on topics like decorating, entertainment and social events.