Training Programs

Simulation Center training

The Johns Hopkins Medicine Simulation Center offers several different training programs to meet your specific training needs.

Mannequin-Based Simulations

Medical students practice on plastic at the Johns Hopkins Sim Center

Residents practice surgery on mannequins

Mannequin-based simulations use high fidelity simulators, mannequins that breathe, with breath sounds, heart tones, and palpable pulses. In addition, the mannequin has a monitor that can display EKG, pulse oximeter, blood pressure, arterial wave forms, pulmonary artery wave forms, anesthetic gases, etc. Procedures can be performed on the simulators such as bag-mask ventilation, intubation, defibrillation, chest tube placement, cricothyrotomy and others.

Using mannequins in clinical simulations allows future and current physicians to ‘practice on plastic’ first. The reality of mannequin-based simulations allows for virtual feedback using computers that regulate the mannequin's compressors, mimicking pulses and chest raising.These life-like mannequins simulate heart tones and other vital cues that when connected to monitors, provides real-time information to students. By practicing true clinical skills in a safe and regulated environment, future physicians learn permanent and excellent evaluation and treatment techniques.

Standardized Patient Program

Doctors examining a patient
Dr. Betsy Hunt teaches a student about the appropriate way to examine a patient

Standardized patient simulation involves the use of individuals trained to portray the roles of patients, family members or others to allow students to practice physical exam skills, history taking skills, communication skills and other exercises.

Teaching Programs

Our teaching associate programs including the Genitourinary Teaching Associate Program (GTA) and the Physical Exam Teaching Associate Program (PETA), are geared toward training health care learners and professionals in the areas of physical exam skills.

Hopkins Outreach for Pediatric Education

The mission of Hopkins Outreach for Pediatric Education is to improve the care of severely ill and injured children in Maryland.