Work for the Simulation Center

Employment Opportunities

Our current employment opportunities are listed below:

  • Standardized Patient: We are continuously reviewing applications for new standardized patients. 

  • Teaching Associates (GTA and PETA): We are continuously reviewing applications for new teaching associates. 

Standardized Patient and Teaching Associate Employment Opportunities

Are you interested in becoming a Standardized Patient (SP), Genitourinary Teaching Associate (GTA) or Physical Exam Teaching Associate (PETA)?

If you are interested in working as an SP, PETA and/or GTA, please go to the JHU Jobs website,, search for "Standardized Patient/GUTA", and apply for the position posting. Once you have applied, please email your resume directly to [email protected]. You are welcome to include a cover letter in addition to your resume, but this is entirely optional. Please send your resume and optional cover letter as attachments to your email rather than in the body of your email.


  • High school diploma 

Preferred Experience, Skills, and Availability 

  • Experience as a standardized patient, a health professional, an instructor, or an actor  
  • Excellent communication and feedback skills 
  • Ability to work in-person at the Johns Hopkins Medical campus in Baltimore, MD |
  • Reliable transportation 
  • Frequent weekday daytime availability 

Standardized Patients 

SPs are paid $25.00 per hour for training and for their work for most projects. Projects requiring more experience and skills are paid at higher rates. 


The pay rate for PETAs to be trained is $20.00 per hour. The pay rate for teaching is discussed during the interview process. 


The pay rate for GTAs to be trained is $20.00 per hour. The pay rate for teaching is commensurate with experience and is discussed during interview the process. 

Please note: This employment offers no benefits other than workers’ compensation in the event the SP is injured on the job. There is also no guarantee of work beyond that agreed to on a single project basis.


SPs, GTAs, and PETAs are Casual Employees at Johns Hopkins. They are scheduled only as needed for relevant events. Casual employees in our department are always asked their availability before being scheduled for an event.