Our Facilities

Our state-of-the-art facilities are currently shared between two locations, one on the seventh floor of the Blalock building, and the other on the top floor of the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center.

Blalock Sim Hospital

Blalock entrance The entryway to our new Blalock facility.

Opened in 2016, this facility features:

  • 2 Acute Care rooms
  • 2 Critical Care rooms
  • 2 full-size Operating Rooms
  • a 24-hour Just-in-Time Training Lab
  • Labor and Delivery suite
  • Nurse's station
  • Advanced multimedia capabilities 

See the Floor Plan (pdf)

Photo Gallery

Acute Care room, set up for resuscitation training

Training in Acute Care room

Critical Care room

Critical Care room

Critical Care room

Simulation training in a Critical Care roomLabor and Delivery room

Labor and Delivery room

Labor and Delivery room

Observing a simulation from the Labor and Delivery control room

Three learners using the Just-in-Time Training Lab

Learners participate in a simulation while being observed from an adjacent debrief room

Video debriefing of a simulation

Core observation and prep area


Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center

Johns Hopkins Sim Center waiting area Our JHOC facility features a large, open gallery area.

Opened in 2008, this facility includes:

  • 50-person conference room
  • Operating Room simulation room with one-way mirror and video monitoring
  • Two Intensive Care Unit simulation rooms with one-way mirrors and video monitoring
  • Twelve exam rooms for Standardized patient exams
  • Video and monitoring capabilities

See the Floor Plan (pdf)


Photo Gallery

Students are briefed in classrooms before running through a simulation.

Learners practice surgery on mannequins.

Medical students practice on plastic at the Johns Hopkins Sim Center

Learners practice intubating a mannequin.

Every technique learned in a simulation is debriefed afterwards so students can perfect their practice.

Learning to care for a pediatric patient at the Sim Center.

Learning to care for a pediatric patient at the Sim Center.

Dr. Betsy Hunt teaches a medical student using advanced monitoring equipment.

The Control Room allows for real-time feedback during simulations to the mannequins and students.

Doctors examining a patient

All exam rooms are viewed using electronic monitoring.

Activity in exam rooms are watched at control stations equipped with advanced monitoring equipment.

All simulations are monitored from our Control Room.