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The world-renowned physicians and staff of the Russell H. Morgan Department of Radiology and Radiological Sciences combine the latest in treatment and medical imaging with the highest level of patient care. The subspecialty experience of our more than 100 radiologists contributes to greater accuracy in reading and interpreting hundreds of thousands of medical images every year.


Our Specialties

person getting a CT procedure

Body Imaging: CT

Our experts perform state-of-the-art patient computed tomography (CT scan) services including CT imaging of the chest, abdomen and pelvis, including CT angiography and 3D imaging.

person receiving MRI procedure

Body Imaging: MRI

We deliver outpatient and inpatient diagnostic MRI exams and image-guided therapy procedures and provide multidisciplinary collaboration of other services.

person getting ultrasound procedure

Body Imaging: Ultrasound

We perform ultrasound-guided biopsies and procedures of various organs and masses, and serve as a leading ultrasound resource for education and research.

woman receiving a mammogram

Breast Imaging

Our experts specialize using mammography and other imaging techniques to screen and diagnose abnormalities in breast tissue.

person getting ultrasound on leg

Community Radiology Division

Our subspecialized radiologists provide expert clinical interpretations to assist in diagnosis and care.

xray of foot

General Radiology

Our team offers a range of diagnostic gastrointestinal exams, such as fluoroscopy, and general X-ray exams.

woman with patient

Interventional Neuroradiology

Specializing in minimally invasive treatment and imaging for conditions involving the brain, head, neck, spine and spinal cord.

dr. hong with patient

Interventional Radiology

We perform minimally invasive image-guided procedures for cardiovascular conditions, cancer, liver tumors and more.

technologist looking at screen

Musculoskeletal Imaging

We provide high-resolution images of the joints, peripheral nerves and bone and soft tissue tumors.

radiologist looking at screening


We provide cutting-edge techniques in diagnostic, functional and anatomic imaging in the field of neuroscience.

doctors looking at scan

Nuclear Medicine

This specialized service uses radioactive material to access the function of organs and systems within the body.

child getting mri

Pediatric Radiology

Our experts developed pediatric-specific low-radiation techniques, and whenever possible use non-radiation exams.



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