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CME-Accredited ICMIC Seminar Series


5/1/19Jonathan Powell, MD, PhD
Professor JHU SKCCC
Targeting Tumor Metabolism to Enhance ImmunotherapyStoll Conference Room
4/17/19Elizabeth Jaffee, PhD
Professor JHU SKCCC
Turning the Heat Up on Pancreatic Cancer: Lessons on Overcoming a “ColdStoll Conference Room
4/10/19Kim Butts-Pauly, PhD
Professor of Radiology Stanford University
MR-Guided Focused Ultrasound Blood Brain Barrier OpeningStoll Conference Room
3/20/19Raj Puri, PhD
Director, Division of Cellular & Gene Therapies FDA
Targeting Tumor Specific Receptors for Cancer Therapy by Cancer Vaccines and Cellular ImmunotherapyStoll Conference Room
3/13/19Per Andren, PhD
Professor of Mass Spectrometry Imaging Uppsala University, Sweden
Complete Mapping of Brain Neurotransmitter Networks by Mass Spectrometry Imaging Exposes Novel Alterations in Parkinson’s Disease in L-Dopa Induced KyskinesiaStoll Conference Room
1/30/19Hyunsuk Shim, PhD
Professor of Radiology Emory University School of Medicine
Feasibility and Safety of Radiation Therapy Dose Escalation Guided by Spectroscopic MRI in GBM PatientsStoll Conference Room

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