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Images and Reports for Providers

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The eRadiology Center offers physicians an array of services to assist with imaging needs. Our dedicated staff is here to serve you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please see our list of frequently asked questions or contact us if you need further assistance.

Johns Hopkins Providers

Our staff members at the eRadiology Center have extensive knowledge and experience in timely processing of images and reports to serve the Johns Hopkins medical community.

For second opinion services, our team now uses image-sharing software, giving physicians the ability to upload studies electronically and eliminate the need to drop off the images on CD at the eRadiology Center.

Second Opinion

All images stored in the Johns Hopkins Image Archive will get an official interpretation by a Johns Hopkins radiologist.

Second Opinion Policy and Procedure
  1. Referring physicians must complete a requisition for the second opinion consultation and provide a clinical history. Whenever possible, the image interpretation report of the outside study should be submitted.
  2. The requesting physician is responsible for notifying the patient that a minimal fee will be charged for requests for outside consultations and storage of images on the archive.
  3. With an appropriate prescriber order, the eRadiology Center will download the imaging studies and add them to a work list for the appropriate division or section within radiology. If a specific radiologist is designated by the referring physician to interpret a study, this will be included in the study request, but in general, this will be discouraged to facilitate prompt turnaround of the request.
  4. The second opinion order will be reviewed and formally interpreted by a Johns Hopkins radiologist.
  5. The eRadiology Center will send an email notification to the provider when images are available for viewing.
  6. To submit an inpatient, outpatient or emergency department second opinion request, the referring physician will need to complete an Epic order. 
  7. Images can be submitted to Johns Hopkins Image Sharing. Image Sharing is a secure website that allows physicians to upload studies for temporary viewing. When Image Sharing is used in conjunction with an appropriate prescribed Epic order, the study will be interpreted and made part of the permanent archive.
  8. Images can also be submitted directly to the eRadiology Center via CD, DVD or film. Electronic submissions should be in standard DICOM format to assure timely and accurate transfer to the archive. The eRadiology Center will dispose of any CD, DVD or film not retrieved within 14 days of processing.

Image Sharing Software

Sharing images and reports from outside institutions with Johns Hopkins physicians has never been easier.

Image Sharing is a service provided by the Department of Radiology and Radiological Sciences that was implemented to support patients seeking care from a Johns Hopkins physician in any department. This service eliminates the use of CDs when viewing and sharing studies within the Johns Hopkins enterprise.

  • Upload studies: Providers or patients can upload medical images and reports using any computer with Internet access.
  • Share studies: Studies can be electronically shared among physicians and all Johns Hopkins Health System affiliate institutions.
  • View studies: Medical images can be viewed via our clinical viewer.
  • Download studies: Studies can be downloaded for short-term use during an appointment or added to the Johns Hopkins long-term archive for permanent storage.

To learn more, visit

Clinical Duplicate Image Request

Please complete our online form that will be submitted to the eRadiology Center.

Please note: Radiology will no longer accept internal faxed request for placing reprint orders.

Imaging ModalityApproximate time to Copy Exam to a Disc
Ultrasound/Fluoroscopy/Nuc Med45 min
Interventional40 min
PET/CT30 min
CT30 min
MRI25 min
Mammo20 min
X-Ray15 min

Research Duplicate Image Request

Please complete our online form that will be submitted to the eRadiology Center.

Please note: Radiology will no longer accept internal faxed request for placing reprint orders.


Providers Outside Johns Hopkins

A Johns Hopkins radiologist will interpret the images and write a detailed report within 24 hours of the exam. Results will be sent directly to your office. If you have any questions for the eRadiology Center, please call 443-287-7378.

You can also find reports and images for your patients through iConnect.

For iConnect technical support, please call 410-502-2667.

If you have any questions about how to view and print the report or to request a user ID for iConnect, please contact physician liaison Tom Marshall at 443-826-3077.

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