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MIND at Home for GUIDE Model

The MIND at Home dementia care model was previously tested as part of the CMMI-funded Health Care Innovation Awards (HCIA). Synthesis of evaluation and implementation experiences of the CMMI-tested dementia care models including MIND at Home, directly informed the CMS GUIDE model. As a result, the MIND at Home program meets or exceeds many of the CMS GUIDE model requirements. 

Table: Alignment with CMS Guide - Care Delivery



How to Adopt MIND at Home: Program start-up and maintenance process

Our team works directly with potential adopters to understand what their organizational needs are, any barriers and facilitators to program adoption and then we work together to carefully customize the program’s tools, assessments, and workflows to fit the context and meet the needs in an efficient manner. We typically do this in three Phases (Adaptation & Start Up; Early Implementation; and Maintenance);

Phase 1:   Adaptation & Start Up Activities (Month 1-3)

  • Introductory MIND at Home meeting
  • Understand Organization, Needs, Goals and Population
  • Execute Customized Licensing/Services Agreement
  • Share MIND at Home IP, Trademark, and Program Bundle
  • Create Implementation Team and Project Management Plan
  • Determine Program Evaluation Plan
  • Customize program delivery characteristics (e.g., patient identification and care delivery workflow processes; EMR customization; program staffing; assessments/tools; resources)
  • Obtain necessary regulatory approvals (state-based, CMS)
  • Provide initial program training (online elearning + live immersive case-based sessions)

Phase 2:  Early Implementation (Month 4-12)

  • Early site implementation.
  • Community partner and resource scan and engagement. 
  • Implement virtual telecollaborative case-based learning sessions. 
  • Regular project management.
  • Performance metric tracking.
  • Rollout to other sites/regions/populations. 

Phase 3: Program Maintenance (Beyond 12 months)

  • Implementation of MIND at Home program at sites.   
  • Continue partner and provider engagement. 
  • Conduct monthly telecollaborative sessions with MIND teams 
  • Continue regular project management meetings to review progress
  • Performance metric tracking. 
  • Refinement of care delivery methods/program tools
  • Refresh program resources

Program Licensing & Services Contract

We partner with adopting organizations to deliver MIND at Home® through Licensing & Services contract with Johns Hopkins University. Because there are many factors to consider and different types of providers and settings of care, these contracts are customized based on each organization’s needs, clinical environment, patient population, and care delivery/financing model.
Our goal is to provide a cost-effective partnership with adopters that simultaneously enhances the organization’s dementia care capabilities, achieves performance goals and return on investment, extends the availability of dementia care to populations in need and vulnerable populations, and maintains the quality and integrity of MIND at Home program’s key ingredients.

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