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Initiated in 2007, Maximizing Independence at Home (MIND at Home) began as a grass-roots collaboration orchestrated by the late Baltimore-based philanthropist LeRoy Hoffberger and Johns Hopkins neuropsychiatrist Dr. Constantine Lyketsos, with the goal of designing and testing a new home-based care delivery model for dementia that optimizes care for patients living with dementia and that provides much needed support to family caregivers by delivering cost-effective interventions and care strategies. Through a series of privately and publicly funded studies, a team of researchers and dementia experts including Dr. Peter Rabins, author of the best-selling book The 36-hour Day, have developed, tested and refined the program across a range of settings and in diverse patient populations.

The MIND at Home dementia care approach has been shown to improve length of time at home for people with dementia, as well as other benefits such as higher care quality, better quality of life, reduced Emergency Department visits and hospitalizations, lower cost of health care and reduced caregiver burden. Our team continues to study, develop, and refine the program to optimize it for specific settings and to support the adaptation and adoption of the program into health plans and health systems. We work directly with adopting partners to customize MIND program tools and assessments, to make sure the program fits well and is meeting each organization’s unique needs and goals and have demonstrated our ability to successfully adapt the program to variety of health plans, primary care clinics, health systems, home care, with diverse locations, staffing and patient populations. Just as we meet people and families where they are in the program, we meet our partners where they are and provide ongoing team based expert support.


Quincy M. Samus, PhD, MS 
MIND at Home Program Director, Professor

Halima Amjad, MD, PhD, MPH
MIND at Home Clinical Director

Cynthia Fields, MD
MIND at Home Clinical Co-Director

Melissa Reuland, MS
MIND at Home Program Manager

Deirdre Johnston MB BCh
Co-Inventor, MIND at Home clinical dementia specialist

Constantine G. Lyketsos, MD, MHS
Co-Inventor, Elizabeth Plank Althouse Professor

Valerie Cotter, DRNP, MSN, BSN, RN
MIND at Home clinical dementia specialist

Inga Antonsdottir
MIND at Home clinical dementia specialist

Emerald Jenkins, PhD, DNP, AGPCNP-BC, MSN, RN
MIND at Home clinical dementia specialist

Peter Rabins, MD, MPH
Co-Inventor, Professor Emeritus

Program Support

This program was developed and refined through the supporting contributions and donations from the following:

  • The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore
  • The Hoffberger Family Fund
  • LeRoy Hoffberger
  • The Harry and Jeannette Weinberg Foundation
  • Hirschhorn Foundation
  • Stulman Charitable Foundation
  • Meyerhoff Foundation
  • Marc and Leonor Blum
  • Baltimore County Department of Aging
  • Blum Family
  • Lowell Glazer
  • Greif Family Fund
  • Marvin Schapiro Family Foundation
  • Lois and Phillip Macht
  • Eliasberg Family Foundation
  • Richman Foundation
  • Richard and Rosalee Davison
  • Alison & Arnold Richman
  • Moser Family Philanthropic Fund
  • Richard Lansburgh
  • National Institute on Mental Health
  • National Institute on Aging
  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation Center
  • BrightFocus Foundation
  • Rosenberg Foundation