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Therapists at the Odenton Clinic

The Johns Hopkins Rehabilitation Network operates a comprehensive rehabilitation facility in Odenton, Maryland, offering a variety of physical therapy and occupational therapy services.

Location and Directions
Johns Hopkins Health Care and Surgery Center - Odenton

Odenton Clinic

1132 Annapolis Rd.
Suite 101
Odenton, MD 21113
(the building behind the McDonald's)

Clinic Management
Heather Prender, physical therapist in Timonium, MD

Heather Prender | Physical Therapist, Team Lead

Certifications: Certified Lymphedema Therapist, Certified Oncology Rehabilitation Specialist

Expertise: lymphedema, breast cancer, oncology

Location: Green Spring Station Clinic

Amanda McQueen, Physical Therapist

Amanda McQueen | Physical Therapist, Team Coordinator

Expertise: orthopedics

Location: Odenton Clinic

Rehabilitation Therapy Services at Odenton Clinic
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Meet Our Therapists

Holly Brook-Cotton, physical therapist in Odenton, MD

Holly Brook-Cotton | Physical Therapist Assistant

Certifications: Certified Lymphedema Therapist

Expertise: craniosacral therapy, yoga therapy, oncology

Location: Odenton Clinic

Jillian Dean, physical therapist in Odenton, MD

Jillian Dean | Physical Therapist

Expertise: selective functional movement assessment certified, orthopedics, sports

Location: Odenton Clinic

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Karen Dobbs | Physical Therapist

Expertise: female and male pelvic floor, urinary and fecal incontinence, pelvic and genital pain, constipation, dyspareunia, oncology

Location: Odenton Clinic

Lora Durkin, physical therapist in Odenton, MD

Lora Durkin | Physical Therapist

Expertise: foot and ankle, knee, running injuries, gait analysis

Location: Odenton Clinic

Rob Grader, Physical Therapist Assistant

Rob Grader | Physical Therapist Assistant

Expertise: orthopedics, neurology, manual therapy

Location: Odenton Clinic and White Marsh Clinic

Pat Griffin, White Marsh physical therapist

Pat Griffin | Physical Therapist

Expertise: sports injuries, sports performance, orthopedics, return to play, overhead athletes, injury prevention

Location: Odenton Clinic

Phylis Kramer, occupational therapist in Odenton, MD

Phyllis Kramer | Occupational Therapist

Certifications: Certified Hand Therapist

Expertise: hand therapy, upper extremity

Location: Odenton Clinic

Amanda McQueen, Physical Therapist

Amanda McQueen | Physical Therapist

Expertise: orthopedics

Location: Odenton Clinic

photo coming soon

Leigh Roberts | Physical Therapist

Certifications: Certified Orthopedic Specialist, Polestar Certified Rehabilitation Pilates Practitioner

Expertise: performing arts rehabilitation, dance injuries, Pilates-based rehabilitation, orthopedics

Location: Odenton Clinic

Harrison Segall, physical therapist

Harrison Segall | Physical Therapist

Expertise: orthopedics, neurology, vestibular rehabilitation

Location: Odenton Clinic

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