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Training for Medical Students

We offer a variety of educational and training opportunities in physical medicine and rehabilitation for medical students and residents.

PM&R Interest Group | Summer Program | Electives

PM&R Interest Group

PM&R interest page

PM&R interest group at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine was established to inspire interest in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation among medical students. The group holds meetings, workshops and other events to connect students with the faculty and further their understanding of and appreciation for the PM&R field.

Leadership Team
Resident Advisors: Christina Lin and Alex Shustorovich 
President: Allison Wallingford
Vice President: Michelle Colbert
Tresurer: Bo Shiun Lai


For more information:
2017 Johns Hopkins PM&R Expo Recap
The Leadership Team on Founding the First PM&R Interest Group at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Summer Training Programs for Medical Students

Johns Hopkins University is a site sponsor for two summer programs designed for medical students between M1 and M2 years and offered through the Association of Academic Physiatrists. Both programs are eight weeks long and carry a $4,000 stipend. Johns Hopkins also covers registration and travel to the AAP's Annual Meeting, where students present scientific papers or case reports. Applications are accepted via

Site Director: R. Samuel Mayer, M.D., M.E.H.P.
Contact: 410-502-2337 or email
Location: 600 N. Wolfe Street, Phipps 198, Baltimore, MD 21287

Rehabilitation Research Experience for Medical Students

This program engages students in a research project within the department. Research areas and mentors include cerebral plasticity and transcortical magnetic stimulation (Dr. Celnik), dysphagia (Dr. Gonzalez-Fernandez), spasticity in children (Dr. Pidcock), spinal cord injury (Dr. Sadowsky), pediatric brain injury (Dr. Suskauer), chronic lower back pain (Dr. Wegener) and gait analysis (Dr. Roemmich). Learn more about this program

2018 Participant: Shivam Gulhar

Medical school: Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
Mentors: Ryan Roemmich, Ph.D., and Pablo Celnik, M.D.
Research topic: Leveraging Energetics to Improve Gait Symmetry After Stroke

Medical Student Summer Clinical Externship

This program gives students early clinical exposure to the broad scope of physical medicine and rehabilitation. Learn more about this program.

2018 Extern: Baine Herrera

Medical School: University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Mentor: R. Samuel Mayer, M.D.

Medical Student Electives

Medical students may choose from the electives below in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Medical students from schools other than Johns Hopkins should contact the Registrar’s Office at 410-955-3080 or email to request enrollment forms.

Course: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Virtual Elective

Contact: Call or email Dr. Tracy Friedlander at 410-550-1715 or to apply or for more information.

Faculty: Dr. Tracy Friedlander and staff

Description: This virtual elective will offer a broad exposure the scope of physical medicine and rehabilitation. In addition to learning about medical management of patients with disability, student will get exposure the Johns Hopkins residency program, faculty, and clinical and research opportunities in the department of PM&R. Students will have the opportunity to give presentation and share their passion for PM&R.

Objectives are to increase knowledge of and proficiency in:

  • Recognize the scope of practice of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physicians and the interdisciplinary team
  • Identify common medical conditions affecting people with disabilities and the role of Physiatrists in improving the quality of life and function for people with disabilities.
  • Participate in discussions with peers and faculty about the role of PM&R in care of people with disabilities. 
  • Devise a presentation to demonstrate comfort discussing medical and social issues that affect persons with disability
  • Write a reflection about the impact of disability on medical care and personal understanding of PM&R. 

Duration: September 14-25, 2020

Prerequisite(s): None

Course: Clinical Clerkship in PM&R

Phone: 410-502-2447

Faculty: Dr. R. Samuel Mayer and staff

Description: Students care for inpatients and outpatients at Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

Objectives are to increase knowledge of and proficiency in:

  • Major disabling conditions such as amputation, cancer, brain disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, neurologic disorders, pain, spinal cord disorders, and stroke
  • Functional evaluation and neuro-musculoskeletal exam skills
  • Interdisciplinary teamwork
  • Importance of patient and family education

Availability: 2 students

Duration: full- or half-quarter

Prerequisite(s): At least a second-year student beginning the fourth quarter

Course: Advanced Clinical Clerkship in Services for Children with Chronic Disorders

Phone: 443-923-9440

Faculty: Dr. Frank Pidcock and staff

Description: Students assist in caring for children with chronic impairments at the Kennedy Krieger Institute. 

Students participate in inpatient rounds, outpatient clinics, and site visits to the Specialized Transition Program at the Fairmount School.  Students develop skills in:

  • Muscle tone management
  • Examination of the child with severe traumatic brain injury
  • Assessing the level of support for community function

Availability: 1 student

Duration: half-quarter

Prerequisite(s): Pediatrics clerkship

Course: Research in PM&R

Phone: 410-502-2447

Faculty: Dr. Pablo Celnik and Staff

Description: Students are invited to participate with faculty in conducting rehabilitation research. Areas of focus can be found on our research web page.

Availability: Call Dr. Celnik to arrange

Duration: variable

Prerequisite(s): Interest in the conduct of rehabilitation research

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