Neuromuscular Rehabilitation

Neuromuscular disorders, such as myositis, affect muscles and/or the nerves that control them. Our neuromuscular rehabilitation team offers custom evaluations and exercise-based treatments for people with these conditions. We understand that exercising tissues that are painful or damaged may be challenging. That’s why our neuromuscular specialists treat exercise as medicine and customize prescriptions for each patient.

Neuromuscular Rehabilitation: Why Choose Johns Hopkins

  • Our team provides extensive testing and multi-specialty care for patients with various neuromuscular disorders, including many rare or commonly misdiagnosed conditions, such as postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome.
  • Whether you are a local, out-of-state or international patient, we work with your doctor to help you continue your rehabilitation plan at home.
  • Our rehabilitation strategies are based on research and complex evaluations, including electromyography, which help us tailor treatment to your needs.
  • Our myositis patients have access to a variety of specialists in the same location, often in a single visit, through the Johns Hopkins Myositis Center, which we work closely with.
  • Our experts are known for cutting-edge research in the field of neuromuscular rehabilitation. Their projects include an online tool for patients to easily access and monitor exercises.

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Myositis & Neuromuscular Diseases | Q&A With Dr. Tae Chung

Neuromuscular rehabilitation specialist Tae Chung discusses neuromuscular diseases and how they are treated, including rehabilitation. He talks about treatment options for myositis and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), as well as the current research in the field.

Neuromuscular Conditions We Treat

Our Approach to Neuromuscular Rehabilitation

Our rehabilitation team is led by neuromuscular specialist Dr. Tae Chung. He is uniquely trained in both neurology and rehabilitation, which allows him to treat patients with various neuromuscular issues. Dr. Chung can provide evaluation, diagnosis and custom treatment recommendations. He works closely with the rest of the rehabilitation team, which includes:

  • Physical therapists, who evaluate your physical performance with specialized tests developed for neuromuscular conditions. These tests help measure how your condition affects your physical function. Based on the evaluation and scientific studies, our physical therapists can provide a personalized exercise and rehabilitation plan.
  • Occupational therapists, who evaluate fine motor skills and performance when it comes to everyday activities. They specialize in hand and arm functions and can provide customized hand exercises, adaptive equipment and techniques to make completing daily activities easier.
  • Speech-language pathologists, who evaluate your speech and swallowing skills. Many neuromuscular diseases affect these skills, which can be dangerous. Our speech-language pathologists are experienced in various neuromuscular disorders and use specialized evaluations to develop your rehabilitation program.
  • Orthotists, who provide evaluation and recommendations for various assistive devices. They may include braces, canes and walkers. Our team is familiar with the unique biomechanics of patients with myositis and can help maximize your function and safety.

Our Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Team

Rehabilitation Physicians

  • Tae Hwan Chung MD

    • Director, Johns Hopkins Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) Program
    • Associate Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

    Expertise: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

  • Pegah Dehghan MD

    Expertise: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Neuromuscular Medicine

Physical Therapists

  • Peiting Lien
  • Jennifer Zanni

Clinics and Scheduling

If you were scheduled with Dr. Chung through the Myositis Center, please use this contact number: (410) 550-6962.

If you've been referred for POTS, learn more on our POTS Program website.

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