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MyChart Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started with MyChart

  • At this time, you must be a Johns Hopkins Medicine patient to activate a MyChart account.

  • MyChart is a secure website that provides the most up-to-date medical information available to you about your Johns Hopkins care and connects you to your health care team. MyChart is available in English and Spanish.

    Using MyChart, you can:

    • Monitor your health care more closely
    • View portions of your medical record, including diagnoses, medications, immunizations and most test results
    • Send secure messages to your health care team
    • Submit requests to update your medication and allergy lists
    • Request appointments and view past and upcoming appointments
    • Renew prescriptions
    • Pay bills online
    • View a summary of your visits and post-appointment instructions
    • View hospital discharge instructions
    • View a summary of your visits and post-appointment instructions
    • Access information from the JHM record for your child under age 18 or for other family members
      (proxy authorization required)
  • MyChart is a free service offered to our patients.

  • MyChart accounts can be created by anyone age 13 or older who is a patient at a participating Johns Hopkins Medicine facility. Parents, family members, legal representatives, and other individuals may also obtain a MyChart account if they become authorized as a proxy to access a patient's medical record for approved purposes. In all cases, a form must be completed at the provider's office before proxy access can be granted.

  • You need access to a computer or mobile device connected to the Internet and an up-to-date browser. Supported browsers include the current version and last two versions of:

    • Internet Explorer
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Safari
    • Google Chrome
  • Current patients can sign up for MyChart by filling out a form online. On the MyChart login page, click "Sign Up And Verify," enter your contact information and verify your identity to create a MyChart account.

    You can also use the activation code provided on your After Visit Summary after your appointment, emergency room visit or hospital stay at a Johns Hopkins Medicine facility. You can sign up at home when it is convenient for you, within 45 days of the visit. From your computer or mobile device, log on to and, using your unique authentication code, follow the steps to enroll in MyChart.

  • Your medical record number is located on the After Visit Summary document that you received after any visit to or discharge from one of our medical facilities.

  • Log on to MyChart and click Menu in the top left corner. Enter “personal” in the search bar and click the Personal Information option.

  • Check out our Patient Photo Handout to learn how to upload a patient photo in MyChart. It may take several days for the photo to be approved for display.

  • Yes. You can access the full web-based version of MyChart from your mobile device. You can also download a free MyChart app from the iPhone App Store or Google Play Store by searching for MyChart. After download, select Johns Hopkins Medicine from the app's phone book. Note that not all MyChart features are available in the app.

  • To recover your username, click here. To reset your password, click here. To change your password, log on to MyChart and click Menu in the top left corner. Enter “security” in the search bar and click the Security Settings option.

Activation Codes

  • Current patients can complete an online form from the convenience of home to communicate with providers, access test results request prescription renewals and manage appointments. 

    If your information cannot be verified and you are an established Johns Hopkins Medicine patient, click here for more help. If your information cannot be verified and you are not yet a Johns Hopkins Medicine patient, you will be able to establish your MyChart account after your first appointment has been scheduled.

  • Learn how to activate your Johns Hopkins Medicine MyChart account using the email sent to your personal email address. Watch a how-to videoTip Sheet in English | Hoja de consejos en español (Tip Sheet in Spanish) 
  • To protect patient privacy, you may only request a code for your own account.

    If you need access to another person's MyChart account, you may request proxy access. Learn more about proxy accounts.

  • Your activation code will no longer be valid once you have used it to establish your own account. Your code will expire if you do not use it within 45 days. If you have difficulty using your activation code prior to its expiration date, please call 800-318-4246 for technical support, or contact your provider's office to request a new activation code. Some, but not all, of our practice sites are able to mail you an activation code at your request. For others, you will need to request this in person at your next visit.

  • Yes, please contact the help desk at 800-318-4246 if your activation code has expired. Provide the analyst with your expired activation code and a new one can be given to you. If you no longer have your activation code, some, but not all, of our practice sites are able to mail you an activation code at your request. For others, you will need to request this in person at your next visit.

Appointments and Messaging

  • You can submit a request to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician and with providers you have seen in the past three years at participating Johns Hopkins Medicine facilities. You will receive a notification message in MyChart once the appointment is scheduled, or you will be contacted by the provider's office for further information.

    Additionally, some Johns Hopkins Medicine locations offer online scheduling directly through MyChart. At this time, not all visit types are available at all locations. Ask your provider's office for more information.

  • Most providers you have seen in the past three years at a participating Johns Hopkins Medicine facility will be listed. If your provider is not listed, contact the provider's office directly.

  • You can cancel right up until the time of your scheduled appointment. However, in order to allow us to serve all of our patients as efficiently as possible, we request that you provide at least 24 hours notice if you cannot keep your appointment, and that you contact your provider's office directly by telephone if you need to cancel less than 24 hours in advance. Please follow the cancellations policies established by your provider.

  • You will generally receive an answer within one to three business days. MyChart should not be used for urgent situations. For medical emergencies, please call 911.

Your Medical Record

  • Most, but not all, of the information related to care delivered by your Johns Hopkins Medicine providers will be available in MyChart. Your providers’ clinical documentation and certain test results will not appear. Contact your health care team if you have concerns or questions about the information in your MyChart account.

  • You will receive an email when you have new information in your MyChart account. If you are not receiving these emails, please verify that we have the correct email address on file and that you have signed up to receive notifications. To do this, log in to MyChart and click “My Account > Notification” on the left menu. You may also want to check your personal email settings to make sure MyChart emails are not being sent to your junk mail folder.

  • In most cases, your test results are released to your MyChart account as soon as they are finalized. You may see some results before your provider has seen them.

    Please see this tipsheet for instructions to access your test results and clinical notes. 

  • There may be times when your provider will want to speak with you before releasing the results to be viewed in MyChart. Please speak with your provider if you have questions about when your test results will be viewable in MyChart.

  • In your MyChart account, you can update your demographics, email address and password. Log in to MyChart and click “Personalize” on the top menu. You can then select the appropriate option.

  • Your preferred or chosen name is the name you would like us to use when addressing you. It does not have to be your legal name. If it is your legal name, you do not have to update your profile. MyChart users who are 13 years of age and older can update their preferred or chosen name on MyChart desktop, by logging in to their MyChart account, go to profile settings, and then to “Personal Information.” Under this section, visit the “Details About Me” area to update your record.

  • If you would like to update your sexual orientation or gender identity information, log in to your account through MyChart desktop, go to your profile settings, and then click on “Personal Information.” Under the “Details About Me” section, click “Edit” to update your information.

    Users must be 13 years or older to see this option. Those with proxy access can see those details but are unable to make changes to the content.

  • Johns Hopkins Medicine gives patients the opportunity to share this information with us to improve our ability to deliver the best patient-centered care for everyone. Knowing a person’s sexual orientation and gender identity helps us to address health care needs and reduces the risk of missing something because of incorrect assumptions about people. Sharing the information with us is voluntary.

  • The information is used by our providers and staff to provide our best care for you. It helps us to include relevant health screenings, to address potential health care needs based on known health disparities for various communities, and to assist in improving our ability to reduce any systematic health inequities related to sexual orientation or gender identity.

  • Just as with any sensitive personal and medical information in your medical record, this information is protected by HIPAA. Johns Hopkins Medicine is committed to protecting your privacy. The demographic information is available for members of our staff who have access to your chart. If you have a proxy — someone else, like a family member, who can see your records — they can see this information too.

  • Your MyChart information comes directly from your electronic medical record. Ask your provider to correct any inaccurate information at your next clinic visit, or submit update requests directly from the Current Health Issues, Medications or Allergies sections on the left menu in MyChart. Your health information is reviewed and updated in your electronic medical record at each visit. If you wish to correct an error in previous documentation in your medical record, please complete and submit the Request to Amend My Protected Health Information form.

  • Your Johns Hopkins Medicine MyChart will not include information from providers who practice outside of Johns Hopkins Medicine. If a physician is not affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine, they cannot enter data in the Johns Hopkins electronic medical record system and therefore it cannot be viewed in MyChart. However, you can use MyChart to view the results of lab tests and imaging procedures performed at Johns Hopkins, regardless of your other provider’s affiliation.

  • MyChart may not contain your entire medical record. You may request your full medical record by either (1) submitting a request through the Health Information Management (HIM) Department or (2) requesting a copy through the Sharing Hub in MyChart. 

Your Family's Medical Record

  • Yes. With proxy access, you can view the MyChart records of a family member, friend, or someone under your care. The patient or the patient's legal representative must complete the proper proxy request to give another individual permission to access their medical information through MyChart. If the patient is under 18 years old, then the parent or legal guardian must complete the appropriate request.

  • Parents, family members, legal representatives, and other individuals may establish proxy access to a child's medical information in MyChart for approved purposes. A request must be submitted before proxy access can be granted. 

    Learn more about proxy access.

  • Proxy access allows parents, legal guardians, family members, caregivers, or others the ability to access a patient's health information in MyChart. Requests for proxy access can be granted by an adult patient (age 18 or over) through the patient's own MyChart account. Alternatively, the proxy can have a form completed and signed by the adult patient or the patient's legal representative-for each category of proxy access. Parents and guardians of children (under age 18) who have their own MyChart account can request proxy access to their child's information from within their own MyChart account.

    Parents and guardians who do not have their own MyChart account can complete a form to request proxy access. These forms are available at the provider's office or can be downloaded here. Below are the categories of proxy access:

    • Proxy Access for Children and teens: Gives parents and legal guardians access to information for children under age 18, depending on the age of the child.

      Proxies of children ages 0-12 have full access to all MyChart features.

      Due to legal requirements, the featues and information available to proxies for teens ages 13-17 are automatically limited. Learn more.

      At age 18, proxy access is automatically terminated. To continue proxy access after age 18, the patient must complete an adult proxy request.
    • Proxy Access for Adults: Designed to ease the process of caring for another adult. This is commonly done for those caring for a family member or couples who wish to share health information and assist one another in managing tasks such as requesting appointments or prescription renewals.

      Full adult proxy access includes most MyChart features. Scheduling adult proxy access is limited to making and viewing appointments and a few other related features.
    • Proxy Access for Legal Representatives : Gives legal representatives full access to MyChart health information for patients who are incapacitated, as determined by a provider.
  • A parent or legal guardian who is granted access as a proxy for a child age 13-17 has limited access to the child's MyChart information. However, to comply with privacy laws, certain information is not available to the proxy and some appointment and messaging capabilities are limited. Learn more about proxy access.

  • Anyone age 13 or older who is a Johns Hopkins Medicine patient can create a MyChart account. Parents and legal guardians can request proxy access to their child's MyChart information until the child is 18 years old. The information available to the child proxy through MyChart is limited for children aged 13-17. Learn more about proxy access.
  • No. The applicable request will need to be submitted for each proxy access request for each family member. These requests become part of the patient's electronic health record and must contain each patient's or proxy's individual information which is used for identification purposes and MyChart account set-up.

  • Yes. A patient has the right to authorize more than one individual to have access to their MyChart information. A separate and applicable request must be completed for each proxy relationship.

  • Yes. An individual can serve as a proxy for more than one child and/or adult. A separate and applicable request must be completed for each proxy relationship.

  • Yes. Patients age 18 or older can give proxy access to non-family members.

  • A proxy can send a message to the office of the patient's primary care physician or any provider with whom the patient has had an appointment in the past two years. It is very important that proxies do not send messages about the person for whom they are a proxy from their own MyChart account since the information would not appear in the correct person's electronic medical record.

  • No. Each patient or proxy must establish their own MyChart account to ensure that information is associated with the correct account.

  • Yes. A Johns Hopkins Medicine medical record will need to be created and your own MyChart account will need to be activated before you can be a proxy for another patient.

  • Yes. Adults 18 or older who have their own MyChart account can remove proxy access within their MyChart accounts at any time. Adolescents age 13-17 are not able to remove proxy access, even if they have their own MyChart account. Proxy access to a child's information in MyChart is automatically terminated when the child reaches age 18.

    A patient's MyChart account is automatically terminated when the patient's medical record is marked as deceased. MyChart proxies for deceased patients are automatically terminated, too.

Technical Questions

  • Yes. MyChart is protected by advanced encryption technology, so that only you and your authorized proxies can view your information. Be sure to keep your password private.

  • For your security, MyChart automatically logs out after 15 minutes of inactivity on your computer. We recommend that you log out of your MyChart session if you need to leave your computer for even a short period of time.

  • Johns Hopkins Medicine is committed to protecting your health information. Follow this link to view our Johns Hopkins Notice of Privacy Practices.

  • Two-step verification is an extra layer of protection for your MyChart account. It reduces the chance that someone other than you or your proxy can access your account. When you use this feature, you will be asked to enter a one-time verification code every time you log in to MyChart. You can opt out of two-factor verification at any time (see below for how to do this).

  • Two-step verification provides extra security when you log in to MyChart or when you reset your password. This helps reduce the risk of identity theft and the chance someone can see your medical record.

  • When you enroll in two-step verification:

    1. You will be asked to confirm your email address and/or mobile phone number, and select which method you want to use to receive your security code.
    2. Then, every time you log in to MyChart you will be taken to the Additional Security Verification page.
    3. On the Additional Security Verification page, you will enter a one-time code you will receive by email or text.
    4. After entering the code, you will be taken to the MyChart homepage.
  • Yes, unless you opt out of two-step verification.

  • You can opt out of two-step verification by clicking "turn off two-step verification" under Security Settings in the Profile menu at the top of the MyChart screen. However, we recommend keeping it on to help protect your privacy.

Ordering Prescriptions Through MyChart

    • Log in to your MyChart account, click “Menu,” click “My Record/Medications” and then click “Request Renewals.”

    • Click on the medication you would like to refill and follow the steps on the screen.

    Please note this feature is only available for patients who use Johns Hopkins Medicine Pharmacies at this time.

  • A refill is when your pharmacy provides another supply of medication from a prescription that has refills and is still valid. A renewal is when you need your provider to write a new prescription. Common reasons to request a renewal are when a prescription is expiring, when there are no refills left or when you want to change the prescription to a different pharmacy. 

    MyChart will automatically manage this distinction for you. Your request will be sent to the pharmacy if there are refills available. When there are no refills remaining, your request will be sent to the ordering provider for renewal. 

  • You can use MyChart to refill prescriptions that are currently with a Johns Hopkins Medicine pharmacy and that have refills remaining. If no refills remain, MyChart will automatically convert your request to a renewal instead of a refill. You may see other prescriptions that have a lock symbol. Those cannot be filled in MyChart. You should contact your pharmacy to refill those prescriptions. 

  • You can request renewal of any medicine that was prescribed electronically from the Johns Hopkins Medicine system. Medicines prescribed outside of Johns Hopkins, prescribed by paper or telephone, or purchased over the counter are not available for renewal. 

  • For prescriptions filled at Johns Hopkins Medicine Pharmacies: The number of refills in your MyChart account will be updated as you refill your prescription and it indicates how many refills you have left.

    For prescriptions filled at all other pharmacies: The number on your medication’s refill is the original refill amount and will not be changed when you fill your prescription.

  • If you are getting your prescription via delivery, you will be required to pay through MyChart at the time you request the refill. If you are picking up your prescription, you can choose to pay in MyChart or pay later at the pharmacy. 

  • You can schedule to pick up MyChart refills after noon the next business day.

  • It depends on your selected notification preferences in MyChart. Email, text and push notifications are all available options.

  • Log in to your MyChart account. Click "Menu," click "Account Settings/Communication Preferences," click "Health," and then click "Prescription."

Need Help?

*Do not use MyChart for urgent medical matters. For medical emergencies, call 911.

I need help with:Get help:
MyChart UsernameRecover your username here.
MyChart PasswordReset your password here.
Billing or Insurance QuestionsCheck out our Financial Assistance and Payment Plans page or call 855-662-3017.
Scheduling Questions Call 410-955-5000 (for adults) or 443-578-3181 (for pediatrics) to speak with a Johns Hopkins Medicine representative. For existing Johns Hopkins Medicine patients, certain primary care and specialty care appointments are available to schedule online.
Florida patients: call 727-898-7451 or visit Johns Hopkins All Children’s Request an Appointment page.
Medications or Health Questions

Contact your provider’s office. Click here for a listing of all provider offices and click More Search Options.

Telemedicine QuestionsCheck out our Video Visits From Home page.

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Call 800-318-4246.
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