Johns Hopkins Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Johns Hopkins Ambulatory Surgery Centers provide high quality, convenient, same-day surgery and care, often at a lower cost than hospitals. Our ambulatory surgery centers are in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C., metropolitan area and have easy access to parking and building entrances.

Benefits of Our Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Reduced Costs

Costs are often lower at our ambulatory surgery centers due to several factors.

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We have several locations in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area, and each one has easy access to parking and buildings.

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Quality Experience

The ambulatory surgery centers offer the same quality of care, often from the same doctors, as at Johns Hopkins hospitals, as well as convenient scheduling and reduced wait times.

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Our Mission and Vision


The mission of the Johns Hopkins Surgery Centers Series is to provide the highest level of quality and compassionate care in a patient and family centric environment to achieve the best outcomes and unparalleled experience for our patients.


Our vision is to be the premier ambulatory surgery center network, and provide high value care through an integrated, patient-centered care delivery model.

Ambulatory Surgery Center FAQs

Surgeries, Procedures and Care Offered at Our Ambulatory Surgery Centers

The Johns Hopkins Surgery Centers Series continues to add new surgeries and other procedures. The following list includes the areas in which we currently provide services. Consult with your doctor to determine if one of our centers is right for you. Learn more about preparing for your surgery.

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Our Ambulatory Surgery Center Locations

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