Prepare for Your Surgery

Before Surgery

Getting rest before your surgery may reduce the risk of complications and speed up your recovery time. Please follow instructions provided by your physician or preoperative nurse prior to the day of your surgery. You may also want to complete the following steps to ensure you have a positive experience:

  • If you think you may be ill or experience any change in health before surgery, please notify your care team immediately.
  • Please complete any forms required before your scheduled surgery.
  • You may receive a preoperative health assessment call from a nurse one to three days in advance of your surgery.
  • If you are undergoing anesthesia, please arrange for an adult to drive you home from the Ambulatory Surgery Center. For your safety, an adult should remain with you for 24 hours after surgery.
  • If you suspect you are pregnant, it is extremely important that you notify your surgeon immediately.

Day of Surgery

During the day of your procedure, it's important that you bring any necessary insurance information, forms and ID along with a list of current medications you are taking. Learn more about what you should bring or leave at home during the day of your surgery:

  • Please follow your surgeon’s instructions regarding eating and drinking prior to surgery.
  • Take only medications your physician has instructed, with a small sip of water.
  • Wear or bring loose, comfortable clothing.
  • Wear flat shoes—slip-on styles are best.
  • Remove any body piercings.
  • Leave all jewelry and valuables at home.