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Education and Training Opportunities


A Fully Immersive Education

Education in otolaryngology--head and neck surgery balances research, teaching, and clinical activities, directed by the largest full-time faculty of specialists in the country. In addition to clinical and didactic involvement, research is an essential part of all faculty members' lives.

As a result, the Department can offer students, residents and fellows the chance to participate in both laboratory and clinical research, with a range of projects exploring the auditory and vestibular systems, cancer biology, immunology, neurophysiology, laryngology and neurolaryngology, wound healing, flap physiology and many other areas germane to our specialty.

Incoming 2020 Johns Hopkins Otolaryngology Residents

Congratulations Incoming Residents

Johns Hopkins Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery is proud to welcome incoming residents, Melissa Liu, John Ryan, Anirudh Saraswathula and Danielle Trakimas.

Letter from the Director

We are looking for residents who have a love for learning, a selflessness which reinforce collegial interaction with others in the Institution, enthusiasm for living life fully, and a desire to serve others. We are proud of our program and of our Institution.

Read the letter from David Eisele, M.D

Drs. Eisle, Hillel and Harun
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