Scholarships and Awards

The Johns Hopkins Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery has benefited countless lives over its 100-year history. Many former patients have expressed their gratitude through financial contributions toward program development and scholarships, which support the cutting-edge research and treatments available at Johns Hopkins.

Available Scholarships and Awards

Henkel Chief Resident Teacher of the Year Award

First awarded in 2001, the Henkel Chief Resident Teacher of the Year Award is selected by the department faculty and given to a graduating resident to recognize excellence in teaching. The fund was established by a former patient in honor of physician-surgeon John Price, M.D., who remains active in coordinating this annual monetary award. Additional donations to this fund are welcome.

Award winners include: 

  • Matthew L. Kashima, MD (2001)
  • Charles J. Limb, MD (2002)
  • Joshua S. Schindler, MD (2003)
  • Brian P. Dunham, MD (2004)
  • Patrick K. Ha, MD (2005)
  • Erik H. Waldman, MD (2006)
  • Kevin P. Leahy, MD (2007)
  • C. Matthew Stewart, MD, PhD (2008)
  • Alejandro Rivas, MD (2009)
  • Ian M. Smith, MD (2010)
  • Steven S.W. Chang, MD (2011)
  • Meena Seshamani, MD (2012)
  • Jason Y.K. Chan, MD (2013)
  • Sofia Lyford-Pike, MD (2013)
  • Ryan J. Li, MD (2014)
  • Bryan K. Ward, MD (2015)
  • Michael A. Kohanski, MD (2016)
  • James H. Clark, MBBCH (2017)
  • Theresa Guo, MD (2018)
  • David Chen, MD (2019)
  • Rebecca Kamil, MD (2020)
  • Michelle Hwang, MD (2021)
  • Elaine Bigelow, MD (2022)
  • Debbie Xie, MD (2023)

Duane Sewell Award

The Duane Sewell Award recognizes the resident who best exemplifies the professionalism and humanitarianism that characterized Dr. Sewell's life.  All residents are eligible.

Award winners include: 

  • Sofia Lyford (2012)
  • Ryan Li (2013)
  • Marietta Tan (2014)
  • Susan Emmett (2015)
  • Michael Kohnaski (2016)
  • Carrie Nieman (2017)
  • Nyall London (2018)
  • David Chen (2019)
  • Robin Bigelow (2020)
  • Elaine Bigelow (2021)
  • Ruth Davis (2022)
  • Ioan Lina (2023)

Departmental Scholarship

There are a number of opportunities for interested students to conduct research projects within the Department of Otolaryngology. The Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery provides a scholarship award to help sponsor scholarly concentration research in addition to scholarship funds issued through the Dean’s office. This scholarship is only open to first year medical students and provides a chance to gain exposure to the field of Otolaryngology–Head & Neck Surgery, as well as experience in research and abstract/manuscript publication. First year students will get an email with the application, which is due by April 1 each year.

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