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Women's Sports Medicine Program

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With the increased exposure of professional female athletes, the powerful presence of women in sports today gives new meaning to the old adage, “You play like a girl!” More women on the track, field and treadmill also means they are suffering a greater incidence of sports-related injuries. While research in women’s sports medicine continues to be a relatively new and cutting-edge field in orthopedic surgery, studies have shown that women are more susceptible to certain sports-related injuries — female athletes are affected by ACL injuries four to eight times more than their male counterparts.

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Women's Sports Medicine Program at Johns Hopkins

The Women’s Sports Medicine Program at Johns Hopkins was created to provide the growing number of elite female athletes with comprehensive, coordinated care from sports medicine experts who understand the unique needs of women in sports.

Our program aims to provide the best treatment, and also the best care, for female athletes by providing:

  • Access to leading sports medicine experts, each with a special interest in treating female athletes and experience in treating athletes in female-specific sports
  • Research to further the understanding of how to better diagnose, treat and prevent injuries in female athletes
  • Education to raise awareness about the injuries and issues that specifically affect female athletes (for coaches, athletes and other physicians)
  • Support of female athletes through medical coverage, preseason screenings and injury prevention programs

As women continue to challenge the definition of what it means to be a female athlete, the Women’s Sports Medicine Program at Johns Hopkins is designed to meet and support the evolving medical needs of this growing community.

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