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Neurology and Neurosurgery

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Commercial and Clinical Loop Games

The mission of our consumer-targeted game development is as follows:

1. Connect patients with members of the community. Especially for palliative games (advanced ALS and spinal cord injury), clinical games will include a network multiplayer mode so that patients can play with members of the community/public. A press campaign will promote awareness of the goal of connecting people to patients, for improving their quality of life and wellness. These types of rich, fun, multiplayer experiences are not afforded to patients today.

2. Provide patients with the best possible entertainment experiences. By deploying our games on the commercial marketplace, we ensure our patient games meet a requisite level of excellence and playability. Commercial acceptance is a requisite to offering a game to a patient. Video game consumers provide useful design feedback through online forums and support channels. They often uncover critical issues and provide useful suggestions.