Spinal Oncology Laboratory for Translational Molecular Genetics

The Spine and Nerve Tumor Research Group focuses on understanding the underlying mechanisms, pathophysiology and risk factors of spine and peripheral nerve tumors. We also aim to develop and refine diagnostic tools and novel treatment paradigms for these tumors.

Early detection, accurate diagnosis and evaluation of the effectiveness and safety of these therapies can lead to identifying the most effective treatment strategies, improving outcomes and enhancing patient quality of life.

One of our major areas of investigation is using artificial intelligence algorithms to:

  • Develop novel prediction tools, such as our clinical prediction calculators that use patient data to generate risk assessment scores or predictive models. Potential benefits include allowing clinicians to:
    • better understand risks and benefits of a certain intervention
    • make informed decisions regarding treatment options and surgical approaches, and develop tailored treatment plans
    • predict individual patient outcomes
    • set realistic expectations together with patients
    • share decision-making with patients to facilitate patient-centered care
  • Analyze patient medical imaging data to aid in interpretation and informed decision-making regarding diagnosis and treatment. These systems can provide evidence-based recommendations, suggest appropriate treatment options or help in surgical planning based on the patient’s condition and medical history.

Primary Investigator

Daniel Lubelski, MD

  • Director of Spine Tumor Surgery, Department of Neurosurgery
  • Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery

Clinical Research Projects