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History of Pediatric Neurology at Johns Hopkins

Hopkins Pediatric Neurologists

Pediatric Neurology at Johns Hopkins has a long-standing history with its original founders including Drs. Frank Ford and David Clark. The Division of Pediatric Neurology, within the Department of Neurology, was founded in 1969 by Drs. John Freeman and Guy McKhann. Under their guidance and leadership, postdoctoral training in child neurology at Johns Hopkins became one of the foremost programs in the nation. After 21 years as Director, Dr. Freeman relinquished his position in 1990 to one of his former students, Dr. Harvey Singer. Dr. Eric Kossoff became the Associate Director of the training program in 2007 and the Director in 2009.  Dr. Lisa Sun is the Associate Director of the program.

Treatment of Pediatric Neurological Disorders book cover

Since the program's inception, there have been many significant clinical and research accomplishments by members of the pediatric neurology service. Perhaps the most meaningful is the long-term success of its trainees. Of the more than 80 residents who have completed their training at Johns Hopkins, approximately two-thirds have entered academic medicine and one-third are in clinical practice. Several former trainees are currently serving as program directors in North America, Europe and Australia.  In 2005, the book Treatment of Pediatric Neurologic Diseases was published by Drs. Singer, Kossoff, Crawford and Hartman (all former trainees), with the majority of chapters written by other former Hopkins trainees as a testament to their differing but clear expertise. 

Since its formation, the Pediatric Neurology training program has been a fully integrated part of the Department of Neurology, with adult neurology experiences throughout all three years. The breadth of experience of the adult and pediatric neurology faculty continues to provide the Pediatric Neurology trainees with a unique quality of supervision not available in other programs.

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