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Current Pediatric Neurology Residents

Postgraduate Year 5 (Class of 2023)
Postgraduate Year 4 (Class of 2024)
Postgraduate Year 3 (Class of 2025)

Postgraduate Year 5

Dr. Haiwen ChenHaiwen Chen, MD, PhD

Undergraduate Education: Harvard University (2009)
Graduate Education:  University of Maryland (2018)
Medical School: University of Maryland (2018)
Pediatrics: The Johns Hopkins Hospital (2018-20)

Dr. Christopher LatimerChristopher Latimer, MD

Undergraduate Education: George Washington University (2013)
Medical School: Rutgers, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (2018)
Pediatrics: Eastern Virginia Medical School (2018-20)

Dr. Lindsay Schleifer

Ruchee Patel, MD

Undergraduate Education: University of Chicago (2014)
Medical School: Chicago Medical School (2018)
Pediatrics: The Johns Hopkins Hospital (2018-20)

Postgraduate Year 4

Dr. Dawn LammertDawn Lammert, MD, PhD

Undergraduate Education: Binghamton University University (2009)
Graduate Education:  Binghamton University - MA (2010)
SUNY Upstate - PhD (2019)
Medical School: SUNY Upstate (2019)
Pediatrics: The Johns Hopkins Hospital (2019-21)

Dr. Glenn RiveraGlenn Rivera, MD

Undergraduate Education: University of Southern California (2011)
Medical School: Albany Medical College (2019)
Pediatrics: The Johns Hopkins Hospital (2019-21)

Dr. Sonya SteeleSonya Steele, MD, MSc

Undergraduate Education: University of Maryland (2002)
Graduate School:  University of Tuebingen, Germany (2008)
Medical School:  University of Maryland (2019)
Pediatrics: The Johns Hopkins Hospital (2019-21)

Postgraduate Year 3

Dr. Hannah EdelmanHannah Edelman, MD, PhD

Undergraduate Education: Swarthmore College (2012)
Graduate Education:  Johns Hopkins University - PhD (2020)
Medical School: Johns Hopkins University(2020)
Pediatrics: The Johns Hopkins Hospital (2020-22)

Dr. Maera StrattonMaera Stratton, MD

Undergraduate Education: Johns Hopkins University (2016)
Medical School: George Washington Univerity (2020)
Pediatrics: The Johns Hopkins Hospital (2020-22)

Dr. Jacqueline WoodJacqueline Wood, MD, MA

Undergraduate Education: CornellUniversity (2013)
Graduate School:  Loyola University (2015)
Medical School:  Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine (2020)
Pediatrics: The Johns Hopkins Hospital (2020-22)

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