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Clinical Trials

A Natural History of Oxaliplatin Therapy

IRB # 04-06-18-06
Principal Investigator: Michael Polydefkis 410.502.7610

The goal of this collaboration between the Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Neurology department is to characterize the pattern of nerve injury in people receiving oxaliplatin as part of a chemotherapy regimen to treat colon cancer. As a result of this study, we hope to identify the best technique to detect prevention of oxaliplatin-induced peripheral neuropathy as well as to identify people at risk for oxaliplatin-induced neuropathy.

Key Inclusion Criteria:

1. Informed Consent

2. Diagnosis of colon cancer who are about to start taking oxaliplatin

3. 18-85 years old

Key Exclusion Criteria:

1. Low platelet counts and/or the use of blood thinners other than aspirin
2. Previous neurotoxic exposure


Elevated Blood Sugar Levels

Longitudinal evaluation of neuropathy in patients with and without glucose dysmetabolism

IRB# 03-11-02-01
Principal Investigator: Michael Polydefkis 410.502.7610

This research is being conducted to better understand the relationship between mildly elevated blood sugar levels and neuropathy, and how the two interact with each other over the course of many years. The study involves peripheral nerve examination including nerve conduction testing and punch skin biopsy on a yearly basis.

Key Inclusion Criteria:

1. Informed consent
2. Impaired glucose tolerance or a recent diagnose of diabetes in the setting of peripheral neuropathy
3. Age between 18 and 80 years

Key Exclusion Criteria:

1. Diagnosed with any of the following conditions:

• Systemic disease other than diabetes that is associated with peripheral neuropathy
• A significant disorder or a condition other than diabetes that can cause symptoms or physical conditions that mimic peripheral neuropathy

2. People on blood thinning medications such as coumadin, but not aspirin

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