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If you or a loved one are living with any form of NF, you understand that it can be a challenge to find one center with all the specialty expertise NF demands. The Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Neurofibromatosis Center unites these services under one roof, offering patients a coordinated, one-stop shop for NF care.

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In-person and telemedicine appointment options are available for initial consultations and follow-up care. Learn more about appointments and referrals.

For patients with suspected NF1 to schedule a genetic evaluation:

Genetics Clinic

For patients with confirmed NF1, and those with suspected or confirmed NF2 or schwannomatosis:

Pediatric Patients

Adult Patients

Our NF Care

Our multidisciplinary clinic combines the expertise of pediatric and adult neurology, neurosurgery, neuro-oncology and genetics.

Dr. Carlos Romo and Marcus Ratley on Overcoming Neurofibromatosis

Dr. Romo and Marcus, who's been living with NF1 for a long time, speak with CBS News about this condition.

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Children's Tumor Foundation

The Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Neurofibromatosis Center is designated as an affiliated clinic of the Children’s Tumor Foundation, a collaborative network of NF treatment centers, research institutions and community groups. The Children's Tumor Foundation works to fund critical research needs and improve the lives of those with NF.