Taking Headaches Seriously

Headaches cause discomfort, severely impact your performance at work or school and make it impossible to enjoy time with family and friends. Whether you suffer from migraines or another underlying condition, the team at the Johns Hopkins Headache Center will work with you or your child to find what's causing your headaches and develop treatment plans to restore your quality of life.

Our team treats all types of headaches, including migraine, tension headaches, cluster headaches and other types.

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Initial consultations are in person; both in-person and telemedicine appointments are available for follow-up care.

Adult Patients:

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Headache Treatment Innovations

Our patients have access to the latest treatments, delivered by a team of specialists with experience managing all types of headaches and migraines.


To effectively deliver medications to prevent headaches

Inpatient Care Protocols

To quickly bring symptoms under control for hospitalized patients

Nerve Blocks

To halt nerve pathways responsible for migraines


Botox Injections

To disable certain nerves from transmitting pain signals

Trigger Point Injections

To target areas within muscles that contribute to your headache

Wearable Devices

Such as CEFALY and Nerivio Migra can be worn at home to relieve headaches