Existing Patients: Telemedicine Assessments for Acute Headache Attacks

Doctor speaking to a patient through a laptop camera

When you're suffering a headache, scheduling — and then waiting for — an appointment with your specialist is nearly impossible. Many patients turn to the emergency room instead, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

Existing patients of our center have access to telemedicine headache appointments, immediately putting them in touch with a provider to initiate a treatment plan, all from the comfort of home.

How do I enroll in the telemedicine headache program?

To get started, speak to your specialist during your regular clinic visit at the Headache Center. You can schedule appointments online through MyChart.

  1. Your provider will work with you to determine your individualized treatment plan (the combination of medications most likely to be effective for your acute headache flares). They will document this in our system, so that it is readily available when you call.
  2. Your provider will explain when you should call and answer any additional questions that you may have.

Addressing these at your visit before you have an attack will allow us to more rapidly care for you when you are in pain.

What can I expect when experiencing a headache?

Our telemedicine program is accessible either by phone (410-550-2243) or through MyChart.

Your encounter will begin by speaking to our Medical Office Coordinator, who will confirm your insurance and schedule a same-day telemedicine or phone appointment with one of our providers.

  • Virtual telemedicine visit: you and the provider will have a face-to-face visit online through MyChart. For a virtual visit, a webcam and internet access are needed.
  • Telephone visit: the provider will call you on the telephone.

The provider will ask a few questions about your current headache to ensure there are no “red flags” that require additional assessment in an emergency room and then work with you to enact your individualized headache treatment plan. They will also let your primary care doctor know about your call.

This program is not a replacement for our existing prescription refill line (410-550-4730) or the Emergency Department.

If you are experiencing the “worst headache of your life,” a headache unlike your previous headaches, or any other emergency, please call 911 or proceed to your nearest emergency room for evaluation. However, if you are experiencing one of your typical headache flares, we are happy to assist you.