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Mass Spectrometry Core

The Mass Spectrometry Core is a part of the larger institutional School of Medicine Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Facility. It provides Kimmel Cancer Center investigators reduced-cost access to advanced proteomic services, a designated Core Mass Spectrometrist and Proteomics Specialist, and a specific biostatistician/bioinformatician for post identification/quantification data analysis.

The Mass Spectrometry Core couples multi-dimensional separations by column chromatography or gel electrophoresis to mass spectrometry analysis. It is used to identify, quantify and characterize proteins and their post-translational modifications, expressed in well-characterized protein fractions from cancerous cells, tissues or body fluids. The Core offers recently established targeted proteomic methods, such as Absolute Quantification (AQUA) and Protein Standard Absolute Quantification (PSAQ) methods to determine the amount of specific proteins. In addition, the Core offers high resolution mass and fragmentation analysis of intact proteins—a "top down" approach to characterize proteins and their modifications.

Core services include:

  • pre- and post-analysis consultation on sample preparation
  • data analysis and interpretation
  • proteolytic digestion, peptide extraction, labeling and fractionation
  • nano-liquid chromatography separation coupled to tandem mass spectrometry analysis
  • database searching
  • compiled results reports
  • educational programs through presentations and technical workshops

The Core provides access to proprietary software and equipment to investigators performing their own analysis. Core workshops on operating the Core MALDI mass spectrometer are offered several times a year.

Robert N. Cole, Ph.D.

Resource Director


Phone: 410-410-614-6968