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Administrative Core

The Administrative Core is comprised of the Kimmel Cancer Center senior leadership and administration. It facilitates the overall planning, management and organization of the activities of the Cancer Center and provides the support necessary to achieve and maintain the highest standards of cancer research excellence. Kimmel Cancer Center Director, William Nelson, M.D., Ph.D., leads a highly cohesive and dynamic senior leadership team with a strong commitment to the Cancer Center’s goals, values, and priorities. The Administrative Core provides the centralized management of resources and services required for the Center's research activities, fiscal management, and reporting functions. Coordinated activities include oversight of Core facilities, faculty recruitment, and management of the membership process and data, space allocation, budgeting and finance.


William Nelson, M.D., Ph.D.

Director of the Kimmel Cancer Center

Elizabeth Jaffee, M.D.

Deputy Director of the Kimmel Cancer Center

Michael Carducci, M.D.

Associate Director for Clinical Research

John Groopman, Ph.D.

Associate Director for Population Sciences

Robert Casero, Ph.D.

Associate Director Shared Resources

Kenneth Kinzler, Ph.D.

Associate Director for Laboratory Research

Mary Armanios, M.D.

Associate Director of Cancer Research and Career Enhancement

Rosalie Wollett

Associate Director for Administration