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Selected Publications

Matsui W, Gladstone D, Vala,M, Barber J, Brodsky R, Smith BD, Jones RJ.  The role of growth factors in the activity of pharmacologic differentiation agents.  Cell Growth and Differentiation.  2002; 13:275-283. Abstract

pancreas cells

Matsui W, Huff CA, Wang Q, Malehorn MT, Barber J, Tanhehco Y, Smith BD, Civin CI, Jones RJ. Characterization of clonogenic multiple myeloma cells.  Blood.  2004; 103:2332-2336. Abstract

Peacock CD, Wang Q, Gessell GS, Corcoran-Scwartz IM, Jone E, Kim J, Devereux WL, Rhodes JT, Huff CA, Beachy PA, Watkins DN, Matsui W.  Hedgehog signaling maintains a tumor stem cell compartment in multiple myeloma.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  2007; 104:4048-4053. Abstract

Matsui W, Wang Q, Barber J, Brennan S, Smith B, Borrello I, McNiece I, Lin L, Ambinder R, Peacock C, Watkins N, Huff C, Jones R.  Clonogenic multiple myeloma progenitors, stem cell properties, and drug resistance.  Cancer Research.  2008; 68:190-197. Abstract

Jones RJ, Gocke CD, Kasamon YL, Miller CB, Perkins B, Barber JP, Vala MS, Gerber JM, Gellert LL, Siedner M, Lemas MV, Brennan S, Ambinder RF, Matsui W.  Circulating clonotypic B cells in classical Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  Blood.  2009; 113: 5920-5926. Abstract

Merchant A, Joseph G, Wang Q, Brennan S, Matsui W. Gli1 Regulates the Proliferation and
Differentiation of HSC and Myeloid Progenitors. Blood. 2010; 115:2391-2396. Abstract

Rasheed ZA, Yang J, Wang Q, Kowalski J, Freed I, Murter C, Hong SM, Koorstra JB, Rajeshkumar NV, He X, Goggins M, Iacobuzio-Donahue C, Berman DM, Laheru D, Jimeno A, Hidalgo M, Maitra A, Matsui W.  Prognostic significance of tumorigenic cells with mesenchymal features in pancreatic adenocarcinoma.  J Natl Cancer Inst.  2010; 102: 340-351.Abstract

Brennan SK, Meade B, Wang Q, Merchant AA, Kowalski J, Matsui W. Mantle cell lymphoma activation enhances bortezomib sensitivity. Blood. 2010: 116:4185-91. Abstract

Ishizawa K, Rasheed ZA, Karisch R, Wang Q, Kowalski J, Susky E, Pereira K, Karamboulas C, Moghal N, Rajeshkumar NV, Hidalgo M, Tsao M, Ailles L, Waddell T, Maitra A, Neel BG, Matsui W. Tumor-initiating cells are rare in many human tumors. Cell Stem Cell. 2010: 7:279-282. Abstract

Brennan SK, Wang Q, Tressler T, Harley C, Go N, Bassett E, Huff CA, Jones RJ, Matsui W. Telomerase inhibition targets clonogenic multiple myeloma cells through telomere length-dependent and independent mechanisms. PLoSOne. 2010: 5:e12487. Abstract

Lin TL, Wang QH, Brown P, Peacock C, Merchant AA, Brennan S, Jones E, McGovern K, Watkins DN, Sakamoto KM, Matsui W. Self-renewal of acute lymphocytic leukemia cells is limited by the Hedgehog pathway inhibitors cyclopamine and IPI-926.  PLoS One. 2010: 5:e15262. Abstract

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