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Apply for a Grant

*Please note, these funds are only for investigators at Johns Hopkins

Applications for funding through the Cigarette Restitution Fund research grant to Johns Hopkins are reviewed and awarded periodically. The focus should be on translational research that moves a laboratory discovery into a patient or population research setting or an observation in patients or populations into a laboratory environment. Research should be targeted toward reducing morbidity and mortality rates for breast, cervical, colon, lung, oral, melanoma, and prostate cancers in Maryland, and specifically within minority populations. Review criteria include quality and innovation of a scientific proposal and the relevance to the mission of the program established by the Cigarette Restitution Fund. Recipients will be announced in future issues of Conquest. Application procedures are as follows:

Cover sheet including:

  • Title of project
  • Name, address, phone and fax number, and email address of applicant
  • New or renewal application for faculty recruitment or faculty retention
  • Category or research: behavioral sciences, genetic epidemiology, cancer epidemiology, molecular genetics of cancer, viral vaccine development, or clinical translational research that contributes to community-focused cancer research.

Applicant Qualifications

  • NIH 398 Biographical Form
  • Body of Grant (two pages or less)
  • Goals of the faculty member related to the mission of the program
  • Time commitment
  • Description of translational research proposed and the likely two-year outcomes
  • Description of how minority and high-risk groups will be targeted
  • List of references
  • Budget Request
  • NIH 398 Budget Form (DD)
  • Sponsor Information
  • A letter of support outlining resources available to faculty member. The letter should also describe other sources of sup-port for the recruitment or the proposed work and whether this is a new recruitment or retention proposal.

Applications should be submitted online ( or to:

Norma Kanarek, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Maryland Cigarette Restitution Fund Grant
Executive Director, Maryland Cigarette Restitution Fund Grant
The Bloomberg School of Public Health

Department of Environmental Health Sciences
Room 1110
615 North Wolfe Street
Baltimore, MD 21205

Phone: (410) 955-3758
Fax: (410) 955-0617