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Research Grants

The research component of the Cigarette Restitution Fund Program (CRFP) has provided an unprecedented opportunity for Johns Hopkins, through its nationally top-ranked Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, to apply our world-class research specifically to the cancer problems in the State of Maryland.

Our leadership and researchers are dedicated to using these funds to the full extent. CRF investigators speak for themselves with their increasing recruitment, effective education, screening, and treatment services, along with working collaborativley with clinicians and researchers outside of Johns Hopkins.

To date, 60 Translational Research Awards, 24 Faculty Retention Awards, and 48 Faculty Recruitment awards have been made to Hopkins investigators through the CRFP. CRFP money has been used to:

  • Recruit and retain faculty
  • Uncover genetic causes of cancer
  • Identify environmental causes of cancer
  • Develop cancer vaccines
  • Map sources of carcinogen exposure
  • Construct core facility for collection of specimens
  • Develop screening and diagnostic tests for cancer
  • Address cancer problems specific to Marylanders
  • Invent new cancer-related technologies—Seven investigators have received licenses or provisional patents for their inventions.
  • Detect, diagnose, and treat prostate cancer

Our operating partners include:

Click here for a summary of research funded by CRF. For the latest news and CRF sponsored events, visit the Cancer Prevention and Control website.