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The feasibility and biologic effect of a modified Atkins-based intermittent fasting diet in patients with high-grade astrocytoma
Protocol Number:
Phase I
Jaishri Blakeley
Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center in Baltimore
To determine if a modified Atkins diet with intermittent fasting is possible and safe in patients with malignant gliomas who have completed radiation and chemotherapy for newly diagnosed tumors.
Patients with newly diagnosed malignant gliomas (anaplastic astrocytoma, anaplastic oligodendroglioma & glioblastoma multiforme) who have completed standard radiation with temozolomide AND adjuvant temozolomide.* Must be at least 7 months from the time of completing radiation * Must have completed 80% of prescribed radiation and temozolomide without significant lowered blood counts at any time point during therapy (low white blood cell count less than 2.0 K/cu mm or low platelet count less than 50,000 K/cu mm) * Must have a body mass index (BMI) greater than 20 * Must be eligible to undergo a ketogenic or Atkins based diet as determined by any other present medical conditions and baseline laboratory studies. * May NOT have milk allergy * May NOT have had treatment with a modified Atkins diet for any cause within 9 months prior to trial participation. * May NOT be on another clinical trial at the same time
Patients participate in an 8-week course of a closely monitored modified Atkins diet with 2 days of fasting each week (supplied nutritional drink allowed on fasting days). Patients undergo a MRI Brain (Spectroscopy) prior to the start of the diet and at the conclusion of the 8 week diet. Visits occur every 2 weeks over the course of the 8-week study and include a screening visit and baseline visit prior to the start of the diet. In total, there are 6 study visit. Laboratory blood and urine studies and collected at study visit time points. A Registered Dietician (RD) & Licensed Dietician/Nutritionist (LDN who specializes in the modified Atkins closely monitors and counsels each patient's course in conjunction with a neuro-oncology provider.
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