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Resources: Next Generation Sequencing

The goal of the NGSC is to provide highly flexible support for standard and custom high throughput sequencing applications. These promising technologies produce data that cannot be analyzed by many experimental labs, so we are committed to working with investigators throughout their projects. We provide consultation and assistance on experimental design as well as customized bioinformatic support allowing efficient and cost effective methods for successful results.

Technology: Our center currently uses HiSeq, MiSeq, IonTorrent PGM, Ion Proton, and SOLiD platforms.

Applications: We currently provide comprehensive support for targeted and whole genome resequencing projects with fragment, paired-end, and barcoded libraries. We also provide flexible assistance with a number of applications including:

           Resequencing - Whole Genome or Targeted

           Whole transcriptome analysis

           miRNA analysis


           Methylation analysis


Analysis: Our analysts take data from the instruments, demultiplex and align the sequences, and do appropriate project-specific analyses (peak calling, variant calling, transcript identification, miRNA analysis, and more).


Vasan Yegnasubramanian, MD, PhD, Facility Director
Sarah Wheelan, MD, PhD, Bioinformatics Director

Lauren Ciotti, Communications Associate
Jennifer Meyers, Lab Manager
Michael Rongione, MS, Lab Technician
Alyza Skaist, MS, Bioinformatics Analyst
Anuj Gupta, MS, Bioinformatics Analyst

 Contact: 410-287-7341,