Melanoma Skin Cancer Program

If you’ve received a diagnosis or a suspicious biopsy result for melanoma or another form of skin cancer, the Johns Hopkins Melanoma/Skin Cancer Program is here to help. Our program brings together industry-leading care and world-class research. Our multidisciplinary group of renowned experts works as a team to determine individualized treatment plans and find clinical trials that are most likely to benefit our patients. 

Our Approach to Care

A Multidisciplinary Team Committed to Each Individual Patient

At the Johns Hopkins Melanoma/Skin Cancer Program, we practice multi-disciplinary care for every single patient. This means that the entire care team — dermatologists, surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists and pathologists— works together closely to make an accurate diagnosis and develop an individualized treatment plan.

Team members meet together weekly to review your case: test results, treatment plans, progress, next steps. This team approach allows for all of those caring for you across disciplines to coordinate their expertise and offer the best care options for you moving forward. We believe that collaborative care will help you make the right informed decisions.

You can feel confident knowing that your care team is in sync.

Access to the Most Advanced Treatments, Techniques and Clinical Trials

As some of the country’s leading experts in the diagnosis and treatment of common as well as rare and often aggressive forms of skin cancer, we are eager to share that knowledge.

Our clinicians are renowned cancer researchers actively working to develop new and better ways to fight the disease. With insights into newly available and on-the-horizon treatments, our team can offer suggestions on the suitability of clinical trial opportunities that may hold promise for many patients.

What to Expect at Your First Appointment

We want you, as a new patient at Johns Hopkins, to feel comfortable, cared for and informed. Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive care and help guide you through the process.

Moving for Melanoma of Delaware closes its doors after 15 years of service and sponsorship

Moving for Melanoma team in the lab

Sept. 27, 2022  |  After 15 years of service to the mid-Atlantic melanoma patient community, and a decade-long research partnership with the Johns Hopkins Melanoma/Skin Cancer Program, Moving for Melanoma of Delaware is closing its doors in 2022.  This non-profit organization was co-founded by its president Anna Marie Farro in 2007, after her personal experience as a patient with melanoma, to promote awareness, honor loved ones, and raise funds for melanoma research. With the motto “We give where we live”, Moving for Melanoma of Delaware held inspiring annual 5K walk/run events, raising funds to support patients and research in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  A total of over $350,000 was donated to the Hopkins Melanoma Program, fostering groundbreaking immunotherapy research that led to vast improvements in melanoma survival and benefited countless numbers of patients.  We will be forever grateful for our long-standing research partnership and friendship.

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