Featured Stories

  • Pediatric Brain Cancer: Julian’s Story

    When 3-week-old Julian Letchworth arrived at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center’s emergency department on a Saturday in August, his prognosis was beyond dire. Emergency brain surgery might save his life — temporarily — if he survived the procedure.

    Julian in a hospital bed
  • Study Affirms Benefit of Antiretroviral Therapy Within Hours of Birth for Newborns with HIV

    A study co-led by Deborah Persaud, M.D shows that starting newborns who have HIV on antiretroviral therapy within the first hours of life can markedly reduce HIV reservoirs that are barriers to cure.

    newborn baby feet
  • A Remarkable Milestone

    With his surgery in April at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, Camden Mills became the 1,500th patient treated by John Gearhart, M.D., and his team at the Bladder Exstrophy Center of Excellence since it started tracking patients in 1975.

    camden in a baby carrier
  • For Those Who Wait, Good Things

    Josie Connor volunteers weekly to help children awaiting medical procedures and surgeries.

    josie connor
  • Finding Escape in Video Games

    For Adam Boukind, Friday afternoon is the best part of his week. That’s when he plays video games with young patients at the Children’s Center.

    adam boukind
  • ‘Play Is the Primary Work’

    Jacquelyn French spends her weekly four-hour shift at the Children’s Center doing largely one thing: playing.

    jaquelyn french