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Informed Consent Document for Research Participants Who Do Not Speak English (Short Form)

Below are JHM IRB approved translations of the "short form" consent document.  Also below is the English language version of the short form. Certificates of Translation are available for these documents.

If you require a "short form" consent in a language other than those provided here, you must have the English version  "short form" consent (below) translated into the language you require for the participant. You must submit the translated short form along with a certificate of translation to the JHM IRB for approval.

The short form consents are available as Microsoft Word documents.  The template language is locked except for the required fields that are specific to your study and to the person being enrolled.

For more information about short form consent documents and obtaining consent, please read Obtaining and Documenting Informed Consent of Subjects Who do not Speak English.