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Basic Science Network Office

1830 E. Monument St 
Suite 3-300
[email protected]

Submit a Ticket/Call for Service: Complete the service request form and email it to [email protected].

Network Office Services

The following services are provided by the Basic Science Network Office.

  • For emergent issues that occur after business hours or during the weekend, such as time sensitive file server issues and full network outages, email [email protected] and a member of our rotating on-call staff will respond by the end of day.

  • We  provide complete support of PC and Mac computers and network support for Linux based systems. We are an Apple Authorized Provider and can handle warranty claims and get next day parts. There are no hourly rates, however parts are billable. We provide software configuration, operating system installation and data migration to new computers. We sell external hard drives and will configure automated backups of data. We offer limited support for hard drive recovery and will work with external vendors for certain cases. We assist with new computer recommendations and purchases when requested. We support a single home machine for faculty and administrators, as the home office is often as important as workplace environments.

  • We are the key liaisons to activate network jacks in all Basic Science buildings on the East Baltimore campus. We help with static IP requests, static device connection and coordinate moving devices with static IPs as the destination network often is on a different IP subnet. We troubleshoot computer virus and phishing issues, location-dependent configuration of devices and DNS requests.

  • We install and configure network printers and perform common repairs, such as pickup rollers and fuser replacements. We coordinate with vendors for other repairs, such as a formatter board replacement or major gear damage.

  • For Windows, Mac and NAS servers under support, we provide initial setup, secure location, daily backups (except for NAS), account maintenance, gigabit Ethernet connection, hardware and software support. All NAS devices are configured with disk redundancy at the minimum and striping for speed when possible.

  • PC and MAC laptops are available for rent.
    Costs: $200 per month, $50 per week, $25 per weekend, $10 per day
    Email [email protected] for availability.

  • Rafael Reyes
    IT Manager
    [email protected] 

    Troy Miller
    LAN Administrator
    [email protected] 

    Chris Winder
    LAN Administrator
    [email protected] 

    Johnny Roye
    Technical Support Analyst
    [email protected]

    Missi Real
    Administrative Coordinator
    [email protected] 

  • We provide support for approximately 2,200 computers and printers (30% are Mac, 65% are PCs, 32% are laptops) and 70 NAS devices. All computer equipment used for Johns Hopkins Medicine-related research and work, including faculty, staff and students, must be inventoried and configured through Johns Hopkins IT or Basic Science Network Office staff.

    Rotating students’ computer devices are included in the inventory of their respective program offices but are not billable until assigned to a lab. Exceptions to the “generally in inventory” concept include computers attached to lab equipment that may or may not be on the network and may or may not be under contract with the equipment provider. Most labs that use file sharing on a computer collecting data from a critical lab device will include that machine in their list to keep their data online to the highest extent. Most pure Linux OS computers are not required to be in inventory.

    We do not charge on a prorated basis for computers cycling out of inventory, because of a customary influx of new computers added during the year. We discourage removing computers from inventory that have already had service that year.

    Annual Fee (computers & network printers), by number of units

    1 – 5                     $1,423.00
    6 – 10                   $2,134.00
    11 – 20                 $3,557.00
    21 – 30                 $4,981.00
    31 – 40                 $6,404.00
    41 – 50                 $7,828.00
    51 – 60                 $9,249.00
    61 – 70                 $10,672.00
    71 – 80                 $12,096.00

    Servers                 $1,444.00 each
    NAS                     $580.00 each

    Other services:
    $200 -- Rebuild operating system with manual file backup and restore. A smooth Mac data migration from another computer or hard drive or a clean OS install will not incur this fee.

    $500 -- NAS data migration transfer and restore of file systems in the multi TB range with 10s of millions of files cannot be done without care.

    $200 -- Hard drive data recovery with BSNO software tools. If beyond our tools, we will recommend an outside service and not charge the $200.

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