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Core Services

Made to order peptides

The Institute of Basic Biomedical Sciences is home to several centralized fee-for-service facilities open to all researchers at Johns Hopkins and beyond. Visit the links below to learn more about the cutting-edge technologies available.

  • Chemical Screening at ChemCore

    Offers a structurally diverse compound repository and high-throughput robotics laboratory services. ChemCore scientists will work with clients to help them optimize their enzymatic and biologic assays for 96- and 384-well formats. Operated by the High Throughput Biology Center.

  • Centralized Services for Metabolism Research (CSMR)

    Offers shared equipment for rodent metabolic testing in controlled laboratory environments critical for accurate assessment of whole-body metabolism and animal behavior. CSMR provides 15+ years of JHM faculty experience in rodent behavior, metabolic testing, and data analysis.

  • Transcriptomics and Deep Sequencing Core

    Offers Affymetrix hybridization and analysis services and databases for all experiments performed at the facility. A variety of software analysis packages and individual consulting is available. Operated by the High Throughput Biology Center.

  • Microscope Facility

    Since 1989, the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Microscope Facility has provided light, fluorescence and electron microscopy services to hundreds of users throughout Hopkins community and the local area.

  • Network Office

    The Network Office provides computer, software, and server support to the Institute for Basic Biomedical sciences and the Basic Science departments.

  • Biomolecular NMR Center

    Research facility, encompassing the Johns Hopkins University and School of Medicine. Comprises six NMR spectrometers – four of which equipped with high sensitivity cryogenic probes – for carrying out liquid state high-resolution NMR studies of biological macromolecules.

  • Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry

    Provides extensive mass spectrometry services for analyzing protein mixtures and purified proteins. Protein profiling using two-dimensional gel analysis and fluorescent labeling is also available.

  • Sequencing and Synthesis Facility

    Offers DNA and protein sequencing services as well as custom oligonucleotide and peptide synthesis and HPLC purification.

  • Transgenic Core Laboratory

    Offers services including basic transgenic mouse development to cryopreservation and derivation of new mouse ES cell lines.



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