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Basic Rodent Housing

$ 5.00 per tub
Plus per-diem of $ 0.50/tub/day


  • Housing in a state-of-the-art facility (light, temperature, humidity controls)
  • Mouse tubs (ventilated, ? 5 mice/tub), rat tubs (static, ? 2 rats/tub)
  • Daily checks on food, water, obvious external signs of animal health    
  • Cage-changes (14 days/mouse tub; 7 days/rat tub)
  • Access to basic lab equipment and basic disposables in the CMOR Animal Facility, as needed for on-site experiments

Typical studies:

  • Feeding of special diets (provided by the Researcher)
  • Periodic sampling or on-site experimentation
  • Terminal tissue harvest


  • This on-site housing is ONLY for animals on active experiments with defined time spans, as per agreement with CMOR, and consistent with approved IACUC protocols and amendments.
  • This is not for general housing or breeding purposes.