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Sean Taverna, Ph.D.: Key Publications

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Key Publications


Blair LP, Avaritt NL, Huang R, Cole PA, Taverna, SD, Tackett AJ. (2011). MassSQUIRM: An assay for quantitative measurement of lysine demethylase activity. Epigenetics. 6(4), 490-499.  PubMed Link

Taverna SD, Cole PA. (2010). Drug discovery: Reader's block. Nature. 468, 1050-1051PubMed Link

Smart SK, Mackintosh SG, Edmondson RD, Taverna SD, Tackett AJ. (2009). Mapping the local protein interactome of the NuA3 histone acetyltransferase. Protein Sci. 18, 1987-1997.  PubMed Link

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