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TCNP Links & Resources


  • HistoneHits:  A database of systematic histone mutations & their associated phenotypes

Huang H, Maertens AM, Hyland EM, Dai J, Norris A, Boeke JD, Bader JS. (2009). HistoneHits: A database for histone mutations and their phenotypes. Genome Res. 19, 674-681. PubMed Link

Web Sites:

  • GeneDesign:  A web-based program for the design of synthetic genes

Richardson SM, Wheelan SJ, Yarrington RM, Boeke JD. (2006). GeneDesign: Rapid, Automated Design of Multikilobase Synthetic Genes. Genome Res. 16, 550-556. PubMed Link

Richardson SM, Nunley PW, Yarrington, RY, Boeke JD, Bader JS. (2010). GeneDesign 3.0 is an updated synthetic biology toolkit. Nucleic Acids Res. 38, 2603-2606. PubMed Link

  • CDI Laboratories:  CDI (Custom Designed Immunologics) is a partner (spin-off) company that utilizes this TCNP's expertise in protein expression & protein microarray technology in the production of high quality monoclonal antibodies


  • Yeast Strains
  • IcePick:  A frozen strain and plasmid distribution system