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Patrick "Paddy" Onyango, Ph.D.

Patrick Onyango, Ph.D. Cynthia Wolberger, Ph.D.

Research Program

Our research is aimed at identifying the major players in protein acetylation and deacetylation in the mitochondria. We are dissecting the functions of these post-translational protein modifications in mitochondria biology, especially in apoptosis, metabolism, and aging.

Our goal is to build a (de)acetylation network(s) and to understand how defects in such network(s) might account for mitochondrial associated diseases like heart, kidney and liver diseases as well as cancer, infertility, diabetes and stroke.

We have established ongoing collaborations with the Technology Cores of the Technology Center for Networks and Pathways (TCNP). These include collaborations with: Heng Zhu on generation and use of protein chip arrays; Jef Boeke on genetic interaction networks; Akhilesh Panday & Bob Cotter on Mass spectrometry methods; Phil Cole on acetyl transferase studies. We also collaborate with David Gius (National Cancer Institute) on in vivo animal model studies.

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